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Hi Guys...

Good evening all...

Dang it has been so busy here today, sorry i haven't been on! Had a dentist appointment, and had to have a root canal done...Let me tell ya, it hurt, and still does.

I am proud to say that they gave me a script for vicodin, and as much as i knew i would need them for the pain, I did NOT stop and get it filled! I still can't believe it myself. Can say right now, I could use some, i am hurting pretty bad right now. I took 2 advil, and it isn't even touching it! So i can't say for sure, but tomorrow i might fill it. I don't know yet! They only gave me 12 of them, and they are only the 5/500 ones. I am used to taking percocets, so i know they won't really do much for me anyway. Guess i will just have to wait and see how i am feeling tomorrow.

Anyway, how are all of you today? Hope all is going well for each of you!

I will be popping on and off just for a little while this evening, so if any of my friends are here give me a yell.

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Hi Hun!
Good girl for not filling them!! I'm proud of you!! I'm concerned though...make sure you keep posting tonight and tomorrow so we know whats going on! You're in a vulnerable place right now, hun, and with starting that new job, well, you DO NOT want to go through w/d while having just started a new job! Even 12 pills will set you back...I know you already know this, hun, I'm not preaching, just love ya and am concerned! Even after 7 months, if I had a script right here, I might fill them, which is why I avoid it altogether! I am not saying this in a way that I'm better, or whatever, but I'll say it because you know me and will know how I mean this...if I can get through kidney stones w/out anything, you can get through this!!! I know we all have different pain tolerances, believe me hun, but I don't have much of a tolerance at all, and I'm a baby, but it really boils down to mind over matter!! Also, the things you have been through in life, and the trauma you've suffered...if you can get through THAT and still be the awsome person that you are, then you can get through this!!!
Please, Hope, if tomorrow morning you wake up and aren't in horrific pain, rip the script up!! I love you hun, and you know how much I admire you and look up to you, and it just makes me nervous with you having that script in your possession!!
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Hi hon! well I'm proud of you for many things. You are steadly making progress! Right now my hubby is pissed off at me for spending too much time here and ignoring him. So I will be backlater.
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Hi Sweetie,

You are so right and i am not going to get it filled. It is only 12 anyway, so if i started taking them i will just run out all over again, and once again be right back to square one! I can handle the pain, it's not that bad, but just very sore..It will be a little better by tomorrow anyway, i am sure.

Hey i just now got a chance to read your post earlier, about hubby in dog house. Oh girl, i can see how htis would devistate you. If my hubby ran to his ex and told her this stuff about me, OMG - I would flip! This is a personal matter, and he shouldn't have done it! I hope you talk to him and tell him how this made you feel. I am sure he will understand, he sounds like a real nice guy, and very supportive!

Luv you
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Hey Ionote, i know all about getting the dirty looks from being on here alot! I used to get them all the time. I just finally told my hubby, "Hey i need my friends, so i can get clean" I had to explain it to him, but he does understand now! Thank Goodness!

Other than that, how are you doing tonight? When you are aloud (lol) talk to me, let me know whats up with ya, ok?

Hey i seen your reply to that Bobby Jean, and i totally agree, why lie about the picture? It is wrong, and makes me feel like if she can be dishonest about something so petty, then what else?

I thought that wasn't her to begin with too...Way too fake!

luv you girl
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Thanks for the support, hopey!! He just got home, so I'll let him relax a bit before I corner him, lol. Just kidding. I'll  talk to him in a bit and let  you all know what happens. Luv ya too, hopers!!
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Okay, I'll be waiting!

Be tough! Stay Strong! Cause it was wrong what he did! I would be so pi**** if it were me, but that is just who i am.

Good luck hun...
Luv ya,
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Hi sweet pea!!  It feels like forever since I've talked to you last!!!

Are you doin' ok?  I mean, other than the above stuff?

I miss you girlie girl...

Lotsa love (and more!)
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Hi Hunny!
I know it seems like we don't get to talk to much anymore, this really bums me out!
I am doing ok, hanging in there as good as i know how!

How are you doing? Feeling okay?

I miss you too punkin...            ((((((((((Mj)))))))))
luv you tons!!!
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