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How does everyone feel about Mccain's VP pick ?

So i did my poll on Obama's pick, so now how do you feel about  Sarah Palin.    The only opinion I have so far is.....who ??? lol
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Who the hell is Sarah Palin......lol.  I think it was an interesting strategic move on McCain's part.  I don't know where it's going to go........I saw her speak, and I don't like her....lol.  I really have no opinion until I see who the heck she is, and goes toe-to-toe with Joey......did you see Biden's speech......Jooeeyyy  bloody the bullys nose, Jooeeyy.....lmao!!!!  What a dork.

AND THE PLOT THICKENS...............
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Very interesting move isnt it? At least the Alaska Gov says that she wouldnt allow a "bridge to nowhere" ....
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I think it was a really bad move on McCain's part, he may have just given the election to Obama.  There were so many good choices he could have made, so why an unknown with even less experience than Obama.
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I was thinking the same thing. This was a really important pick because of McCain's age. I think McCain was more interested in being a mavrick than making the right choice.

Nauty,  LMAO   I can't even imagine the debates with her and Joeeeyyyy. He's gonna kick her ***, but then again Joey could kick most canidates ***'s.

She won't be building a bridge to no where, but she is under investigation for trying to get her brother-in-law fired. We'll just have to wait and see. lol
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Yeah, and then her relationship to  Charelton Heston....lol.  "Sara Barracuda"  Thats enough to turn me off, and the fact that she kills moose......heartless Btch !

The only thing she has going for her right now is her "hottie" hubby.  Could you Imagine a mother of 5 taking over the country when McCain drops dead?.......HOly Oiy !!!  I'm sorry if I sound prejudice, but A mother of 5 screaming kids should NOt be in the White House. she should be home baking brownies and taking her kids to hockey practice...

I also think it was a bad choice.  Floundering is a sign of fear, and Obabma should take that as a compliment.  

And the Saga Continues....................can't wait for the debate !!

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I myself feel she was an excellant pick.
Of course, I'm for Obama.
I have to laugh though, the republicans are just trying so hard to back McCain's choice and to say she was a great choice. LOL What else can they do? Say "we want a do-over, and this time the old senile guy doesn't get to pick the VP?".
Oh this poor woman going up against joey. tisk, tisk.
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Naughty,   You were/are a Hillary follower.  Are you telling me, that McCain didn't fool you into backing him by putting a woman in the VP spot?  Like we stupid women would maybe think it was Hillary?  
Bay Buchanan (Rep.Stratagist) on CNN just said something along the line of , Palin knows how to balance a buget and has real life experiance, she runs a household.  OMG
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I guess Im the minority here because of my profession and Faith.
I think it's a good thing.
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Does your faith say that millions should die because they can't afford health care, or lose their social security.  Does your faith tell you to vote Republican ?
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What an irresponsible pick. He is 72 and has had cancer. If something happens to him, he has left 300 million people in her hands. Now he can't bring up how inexperienced Obama is in the debates. It was clearly a desperate move. Or, is it possible the Republicans don't even want to win? Dump the war and the economy in Obama's lap.
However the republicans spin this. THIS WAS A CRAZY PICK.  
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They also have her on video and in print in the newspaper from 2006, saying the bridge to nowhere was a great move.................oi      she lied in her first speech.
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