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How hard is it to come off of 30mg of methadone on my own?

Hey everyone I’m new here but I really could use some extra support here and encouragement. I’ve been clean off of dope and pills 3 years May 1, and I’ve come down from 115mg of methadone to now on 30mg. Today is day 3 that I’ve not taken any. I’m just wondering how bad this is going to be if what I’m feeling now is the worst of it or am I going to get even more sick? So far very very aching legs, and my stomach is a mess. Only puked twice though. I’m just looking for suggestions on how to help feel better and hear others that are in or have been in my situation tell me how they dealt if it gets worse and am I an idiot for doing it this way?? Thanks
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Does anyone get on these things or is this a waste of my time?
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Ive been off methadone for 5 years I sent you a request and I'd like to chat with you. Hope you are well. It gets worse before it gets better. Msg me if you want
Hey thanks for answering I’m not sure how to use this site though.. lol
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Good morning. I see you posted in February are you still actively taking methadone?
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