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How many pets do you have~~~~

This can be 4 legged ones or 2 legged ones.......

I have my beagle who is going to be 13.  She is my girl and the Queen of the domain here.  Everything is about her comfort.....
Then there is Miss Cali who is almost 11 months old.  She is just naughty and its like having a toddler around!!!  Also very spoiled rotten!!
Last but not least there is the cat who is 9.  I work for him........He has major attitude and one of the coolest cats i have ever met!!
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I don't have any pets. I do have 4 cats that own me.

Sam 16 years old
Sophie 9 years old
Carl 12 years old
Taz (was my dads cat) 2 year old.

I love them all madly!
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Snickers was my dads cat too!!!

My babies dont know they are animals!!
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Mine don't either.

Dosen't it make you hold just bit tighter sometimes? I feel he is pleased with me on how he is living here.

He is so fat I don't think he would notice.
He looks like a football with legs
Tazan football with legs
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My dads biggest concern was his animals.  He didnt want anything to happen to them.  My aunt took his dog(she was elderly) and took such good care of her....I took the cat.  He is really the last of my dad and so he is considered rather sacred to me.  I love all my babies but the cat is just different.  Did that make sense??
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Yup!  More then you know. Great Now I am tearing up!
Kinda like the only living part I have of him here. Something for me to hold
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You got it.....it's like hugging a part of my dad~~~~~sniff sniff

We really are a mess arent we!!
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Now, we are talking. I have 3 baby girls.

My oldest is Brandi and she is 13. She IS the "Queen" and don't you dare tell her she isn't. She was a rescue and came to us in a pillow case. Okay, so she has some issues.

My middle child is Cleo, she is 6. She came up on our back deck one day, rubbed on Steve's legs and the rest is history. She was malnourished & dehydrated. She had fleas, worms and she smelled awful. She had ear mites and a respiratory infection. And oh yeah, she was pregnant!! $700.00 later she was all fixed up and has been sleeping on the bed ever since. She is the "Princess" (waiting in line to be Queen).

And then we have the youngest, Gypsy. She came from the ASPCA and is 10 mos. old. She is a kitten through and through and loves to run around and play all day.  Her favorite place to hang is everywhere. She is the baby and she knows it.

I could just talk about my girls all night long!!!
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Oh yeah, I have a two-legged one. He is at work. lol
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My best friend was my dog,a tibetan spaniel called Ming the Mercilous,she lived to be 17 and when she died part of me went with her,
I now have 2 cats I couldn't stand the thought of another dog but I wanted a companion still,one is all black the other is a grey tabby,I love them dearly
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I am owned by a cat named Penny she is a calico. In the morning she runs laps from the living room across my pillows around and around. She has also started to play fetch with pony holders, my first encounter with a cat that retrieves and brings stuff back for anouther toss. Anyone else seen a cat do this?
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I did have one that did that. Her name was Katie. All Black. SHe would chrip if you didn't throw it for her.lol!
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Snickers doesnt retrieve....he adds to his snack bar.  He loves flies and moths.  If he doesnt eat them he stores them.  WHEN i decide to move furniture and really clean this place is when i find them, all the while he is right there next to me standing over his prized possessions!!  The beagle and Cali are fighting over their fleas tonight.  The beagle already has the squeaker out of hers and now wants Cali's.  Already broke up one fight........The beagle is deaf so yelling is pointless!!!  

Oh and now Snickers is standing in the Snoopy water bowl.......he likes to do that and then throws water all over he!!.......Never a dull moment!!!
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You know a cat owner. They always know who the real owner is. lol Becca

I have Ahna, a wonderful English Shepherd,( a herder like the Border Collies). She is smart, obedient and extremely mellow inside, and can run all day outside. She's a kisser, but doesn't slobber.
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My soccer coach had a English shepard and she would push the ball with her nose it was cool she was way fast to.
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lizzie lou - 3 1/2 pound female chihuahua (4 years old)

teakie - 4 pound male long haired chihuahua (3 years old)

peewee - rescue yorkie 13 years old

ms piggy - feral cat that i've been feeding for 2 years.  lives here...will only let me pet her when she's eating.
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We have a pitbull mix named Delta, she's the sweetest dog you've ever met until she gets around other dogs. Boyfriend saved her from the pound just days before she was going to be put to sleep! Our boys love her and I can't imagine life without her.

We also have a pug, he's 7 months old, his name is Bennie! He's my little baby and the craziest little thing you have ever seen, he is HAPPY, it just comes off from him and you can't help but he happy around him he is like a little clown! Pugs act a lot like pigs though in my opinion!
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I have  a male golden named Bear, my best friend, and 5 or is it 6 cats?  2 tanks of tropical fish and a cockatiel...the cats are getting up there in age as is Bear...I dread the day he's gone...best dog anyone could ever have.

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I had dogs my whole life until I met my husband.

The dog I will always remember, and I hope is waiting in Heaven for me, was my Golden Retriever "Chivas". He was my best friend. He had heart disease, probably from birth, but I did not know it. He had a heart attack at 10 years old and died in my arms. It about killed me. I have his ashes on the shelf next to where I sit here and I laugh out loud sometimes thinking of the funny stuff he did.

No matter what animal is in my life at the time, they are my babies and I am blessed for having had them. It's funny but it seems most every addict I know is an animal lover. See, we are good people after all!!
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I received this from a friend of mine.  You all just need to watch this.  Grab the kleenex first, it is truely wonderful.........sara
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Quite the inspirational video there Sarah..He certainly turned into a very talented pup :)
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I have a 5 year old Maine Coon - Darcey.  She is definitely the queen of the house - and she knows it.  Yesterday I was trying to sleep in and she would not leave me alone.  She kept purring and walking on me - rubbing......."come daddy - time to get up"!  I finally just got up - then she was happy.  I grew up with dogs, but have had a cat for the past 15 years - Salsa was my first - Darcey is a carbon copy of Salsa.  I travel a lot and it's always nice coming home to my baby.  Animals love unconditionally.  
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I love Maine coons...we have 1 (had 3 at one time)..Chloe..she's about 10...and definitely has 9 lives..with probably 2-3 left.  We always tried to keep her inside..a very beautiful cat, as are Maine coons...one day she got out and we didn't see her for nearly a week..figured she got off in the woods and was attacked by some critter for dinner...one day she came home on our deck and we could see her tail was a bloody mess, and we tried to grab her but she got away..didn't see her for several more days...then one night my daughter and I were home, and she looked out the back slider 'CHLOE!'...we had the cat carrier by the door just in case, she grabbed her and in one move we had picked her up, put her in the carrier and were on the way to the emergency vet..Sadly, she lost her beautifiul tail but thankfully she survived and is stil with us...she's always been a little skittish but once in a while...very rarely...she'll sit in front of me and scream at me...just wants to be picked up..or come on my lap and she purrs and purrs....

she used to love to sit on the edge of the bathtub between the shower curtain and liner when I took a shower...and then hang around while I got ready for work and we had a daily routine where I'd dangle my belt in front of her and she'd try to grab it and I'd pull it away...she still loves to try to get that belt ;-)

We want to get another Maine Coon and I'm seriously thinking about it, should our cat population diminish over time.

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