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Hurting cause I lost my dad yesterday

Hi All:
I know I haven't been on the forum for a while, but my Dad just passed away yesterday and it is hitting me hard. He has been battling lymphoma cancer for the last year. He went into the hospital about 2 weeks ago and things just got progresivly worse. my Dad as I was a firefighter as I that is why I got into that vocation. My Dad was a great man and even at the end all he wanted was to see his family come together in love and then he left us. He left a great legacy as he had 7 children 24 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren. My Dad waited for evreyone to come together at the hospital before he passed with a smile on his beautiful face. When I told my Dad I was going to get off oxys he had nothing but praise for me, he didn't judge he just said "Now that's my boy" I miss him dearly and I made a promise to him (and myself) I would never take those evil pills again.

I am hurting and all of you people have helped me through one of the roughest times in my life. I just wanted to share this with you all as you have become an important part of my life.God Blees you all---Rick  
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Thank you for your words, I need to get this out and this forum has helped me through my addiction and thats why I came here. Honestly I almost took some percs to numb the pain, but I remembered the promise I made to him and myself self not to do that. I am just hurting and verbalizing helps me to grieve. So I will type type type.
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I don't know if this helps you, I am only saying something because I want you to know that I care. I am sorry for this tragedy and wish you the best. I can offer a "shoulder" and ears to listen if you need to talk/vent/grieve to someone.

I can see though how your dad left a great legacy, that many children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren is something to be proud of, especially considering he was a true family man and was there (still is in a way) for all of them.

May he rest in peace.
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