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Just a little game to remember the good old days! Can't wait to see what memories pop up! I will kick it off with the first post!!

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"I remember when kids played outside all day until they were called home for dinner!"

Thats what I would have written...used to run around Houston barefoot with my brother until it was time for dinner.
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You don't have to post this each time since the game is called "I REMEMBER WHEN..."

Gas was .99 cents per gallon
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I had my first pair of metal skates...lol...sparks coming off the side walk
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I remember when i could remember things....lmao  
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I remember when i could cough or sneeze safely!!!
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LMFAO!!!!!! Y'all crack me up!!

I remember when kids played outside all day until they were called home for dinner!
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And not called on a cellphone either....
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I remember jumping up in the morning grabbing my football and heading for the field to have a kick about with friends, we would even do this before school. Always loved my football and being carefree, how times change, lol.
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Right about that Dig...
It's a crazy world these days!
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I remember the day I woke to find my dad had bought me my first dirt bike, he took me straight to the local dirt track for practice. I naturally fell straight off but got straight back on and had the best day ever, great memory's! Thanks Rosy for having me remember this, ;)
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Rosy your right, it's crazy these days. I can see the field from my mothers front window and I never see any kids over there now, apart from drunken teenagers, sad, sad, sad!!!
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I used to have to blow in the Nintendo cartridge to make it work.
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I remember training fighting cocks with my neighbor and went inside to help cook eggs and a feather little chick was in it.

I remember going out and shooting some rabbits or a deer and taking home to dress it out and still have time to catch a snake and jump on the school bus.

I remember catching bull frogs on the river and losing grip of the tote sack full.

I remember my dog being allowed to follow me anywhere I went off a leash, and I remember them inventing dog catchers too.

I remember watching the sun come up and all the life waking up in the woods, as I stalked quietly through the meadow. An 8 point buck! Breathing slow and steady, moving like molasses, there's that moment just before I pull the trigger. In the moment at 10 years old, excited and relaxed, I felt like a man for the first time.
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Lmao @ blowing in the cartridges!! I remember that too!
and REALLY LMAO @ ALWAYS running around barefoot!
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You gotta blow them out Rosy, they had to be clean for us to reload them.
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I remember having to be home for lunch when the fire whistle blew at noon.

Back in the day Train Depots were everywhere.  We had a big train station in my hometown and when the trains would come in the engineer would blow his whistle a certain way to let the wives know they were back so they could come and pick them up.......reason being people only had 1 vehicle!

Wearing shorts under our dresses unless we were wearing those god awful thick tights.

Fireman didnt wear any protective clothing as there was none and when there was a fire call they all jumped on the truck and hung on for dear life!

Putting chains on tires in the winter

Riding my trike in the barn while my dad and grandpa hand milked the cows and then taking the cans to the creamery.

I remember when the milkman would deliver milk in the glass jugs with the foil on top.  They would knock and just walk in, same with the cleaners.  My mom would put that orange sign in the window that said STOP..he would come in, pick up my dad's military greens and leave the clean ones.  Coming home and having the tv repairman sitting on the living room floor fixing the tv.
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IRW: The phone wasn't cordless or push button and if you weren't home people would just have to try their call later!
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IRW: You had to GET UP & turn a knob on the tv to change the channel & you had MAYBE 5 or 6 channels to choose from!
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We had party lines back in the day and you had to wait for all the old ladies to hang up!!!

Carpet rakes!!!!  Some will remember these and after it was raked you couldnt walk on it!!!  lol

Beauty shops, not salons, were in their houses!

The ice cream truck when we lived in Lawton OK.  McDonalds had just opened there and i got balloons from Ronald!!!  (early 1968)
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We had one channel, maybe 2 if all the stars, moon etc lined up perfectly!!  
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When I could travel all around the north east city's on buses on a one day travel ticket for under one pound.
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When my mom raked all the leaves in a pile and we would jump in them and play and then burn them on the front lawn.....

I remember my doctor coming to the house to give me a shot when I was sick..

I remember being the first in school to wear a grammy dress and go-go boots....
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When it was safe to do that, lol.
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Our doctor rode his bike to our house!!  Remember the pharmacist used an actual typewriter to type out the script and we got our meds in glass bottles!!

Oh those go go boots were something!!!  How about smock tops and bell bottoms!
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