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I am a Police Officer

My story is this..got hurt chasing a drug addict..which in hindsight cracks me up. I needed two surgerys and became DEPENDENT on pain pills. I told my surguen I was addicted, I was in tears and he laughed at me. I asked him for xanax or anything because the anxiety was killing me, he said nope your not trading one addiction for another. He put me on a kick *** easy as pie taper program. I did the taper with zero problems and am 40 days clean.

I want to give back to the community that has helped me through a hard time in my life. This sounds stupid while I was tapering I was full of hate of myself. I would get scared and angry when I saw a commercial for the cleaner and intervention. I would read posts here that scared the **** out of me. In hindsight that was awesome. I now read and contribute...dont hate me, i am just doing whats best for me..but I read your storys and it makes me feel better I didnt let this happen to me and it inspires me to NEVER put myself in this predictiment again. I also at this second am watching intervention, and just finished watching the cleaner..same reason.

I am a cop..I know the laws and can help with any cop questions.

Let me answer the top two before you smart ***** ask them! lol

Cops love donuts..dont you! Okay seriously how the cop and donut thing came about..donut shops use to be open 24/7 and the  midnight guys would hang out there because donuts are full of carbs and along with the coffee would keep them awake and full of energy.

Cops are Pigs..my favorite..the truth behind it. Okay the first organized police dept was in new york, there batons were made of pig skin. when people were rioting or being bad..the cops would beat them with there batons..so when the cops were coming, people would scream here comes the pigs in reference to there about to get hit with the batons. So when someone calls me a pig..I laugh..your basically telling me im about to whoop your ***!

Seriously, I am a good honest and caring pig..i mean cop. I never arrested anyone,people arrest themselves. I never used excessive force..but once..I kept getting called to a guys house who beat his 6 yr old..I locked him up twice..I told him from now on..he hits her..i hit him. He hit her again..I threw him down the steps, and he resisted still and I hit him over and over again.I then told him the next time he hurts her I would kill him. He never hurt her again..If he does I will kill him.

I love to help people, my brain is wired that way. I will gladly give my life to protect someone. Im not racist..idiots come in all colors..I just happen to be a white cop in the black hood. I spend alot of time hanging on the corner talking to the corner boys. I  am trying to teach them young, but am losing the battle because there parents wont help. I have no fear of any man..other than myself and making poor choices, that will ruin my life.

You all are good people, dont hate yourself like I did..or maybe you should, maybe thats what really helped me..dont know.

I am ready to give back to this community, so ask away.
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so u didn't have any withdrawls? How exactly did u taper?
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This is how I did it..and no withdraws..zip..zero. But I was dependent, not really addcted.

Hi, I quit a 120 mg a day of oxycotin/oxycodone 10 months use without even a tremor. And NO depression afterwards. Here is what I did. No excuses it will work if YOU want it to.

I had two surgerys and my doctor put me on the oxy's and after 10 months I stopped taking them...big mistake I got really sick and relized I was addicted to pain pills. I freaked out and panicked I even cryed to my parents and I am 36.I was calling rehabs and everything... I hated myself for becoming addicted and thoughts of suicide danced through my head. I was watching a show on the discovery channel about obese people and they said something that snapped me out of it.

When you eat alot your stomach stretches requiring you to eat more to be full. If you dont eat as much your stomach will shrink thus requiring less food to feel full.  Same principal with drugs eventually your body builds a tolerence requiring more..if you take less your tolerence will get lower.

When I first relized I was addicted I found these forums and they didnt help at all, other then making me more afraid by reading others storys. Lets get this straight YOU ARE ALONE with this. People can give advice and support but YOU have to go through the pain, YOU have to quit for YOU.

I hated myself as you probably do, but we made a mistake and thats okay. Its what we do to fix are mistakes that determines who we are.

I saw my Doctor and told him everything "Doctors are afraid of there patients who became addicted from the pills they prescribed." I told him I want to wean off and he said cool and gave me to 80 count bottles of Oxy's and a new prescription every two weeks. He never questioned me, he knew I was weaning. So tell your doctor in tears like I did, if you have to he can help.

Here is what I did, I was at 120. So I looked at a  clock as 4, 6 hour quarters. WHERE YOU START AT IS WHERE YOU ARE COMFORTABLE.


Every 6 hours I took 20 mg. For 7 days So I was at 80mg a day. (big cut felt a LITTLE crappy for 4 days but no big deal)

Next 7 days 20 mg every 7 hours.

Keeps going up an hour every 7 days until you hit 12 hours.

Congrats your only taking 40mg a day! (depending where you started) Easy huh!!!

Now look at the clock as two 12 hour halves. No more hours we cut pills now. Take one dose..do not spread the 15mg through the 12 hours!

Okay now take away 1 pill every 12 hours. So 15 mgs every 12 hours.

Next 7 days take 10mg every 12 hours.

next 7 take 5mg very 12 hours.

Guess what your only taking 10mg a day! And your not even sick woohoo!

Okay now take 5mg in the morning or once every 24 hours.

Almost drug free baby!

So your now on 5mg a day. If you can cut pill in half. And take half a pill once every 24 hours.

Okay I did this for only two days and just decided to see what would happen if I just stopped completely. day 1 nothing,day 2 nothing,day 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 ummm hello NO withdraws and NO depression. Not even a craving..

Day 10 was a beautiful day, I dont know why I waited 10 days to have my toliet celebration..I guess I was shocked I figured even after a half a pill going cold turkey will be a little rough..but not even a tremor and slept like a baby.

My toliet celebration. I had 5 full bottles 80 count oxy". Dumped them in the toliet pissed on them and flushed.

one month later no cravings, no depression never had any of that anyway. I still am mad at myself for allowing this to happen to me..but I am proud of myself for doing the right thing and not letting this ruin my life. I did the right thing for myself.

Its okay you have an addiction, its no big deal. RELAX the fear is your worse enemy. Look ahead at your future. No excuses, do what I did and laugh at yourself like I did for being afraid of nothing.

Some may not agree with what I wrote but I swear it work, and I never got sick. Some people cant wean they say im addicted and if I have pills im going to take them. Well thats fine, the world needs drug addicts..clinics,hospitals,rehabs,medics,cops would be unemployed without you. But for those who have the courage to do this, invite me to your toliet celebaration I will drink lots of water.
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Thanks for this posting, as I'm sure this will help everyone here who's looking to research into a tapering program to avoid as many of the WD symptons as they possibly can. I keep reading posts here, even though I'm 15 [and a half -- haha] days sober from Percocet, and I'm still amazed at the number of people on here who continue to state how their PCP or other doctor[s] were willing to be there for them through this entire experience. My PCP literally ran in the other direction the second I informed him that I felt like I had become dependant AND addicted to the pain pills HE was prescribing to me every other week. Don't get me wrong, because I take full responsibility for putting the pills into my mouth AS PRESCRIBED... But I still think that a lot of the people here who had a tapering plan were very lucky. My WDs weren't as bad as I've read about here on the forums, and they weren't as bad as a lot of the members told me they might be, and for that I'm extremely grateful.

Maybe it has something to do with the difference in states.
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Hi there – Just for the record,  I’m not a cop hater, my neighbor is a cop and a great guy, and I like him a lot and I’m glad he’s my neighbor.

Question: I have always wondered during a drug bust, such as a narcotic’s raid type thing, are the narcs & opiates confiscated and brought to the station for evidence? And are they closely monitored as far as the amount found, are they recorded, and locked up? I have always heard of crooked cops and staff helping themselves to the narcs brought in after a drug raid. Have you ever heard this?  Do you believe this could ever happen?

Take for example those hefty bags that were hauled out of Michael Jackson’s house after his drug overdose, and subsequent death, where to those drugs go. I’m would imagine since that is such a public sensation, that that type of corruptness wouldn’t occur in that situation, but who knows...... what do you think?
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P. S. A big congrats on your 40 days clean. Do you feel normal yet. I have 19 days clean of perscription oxys and today is the 1st day i felt great, however, i dont expect it to last, i believe it will go good and bad for a while.
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being a cop...it must be hugely beneficial to have experienced this. i don't say that lightly...it very easily could have gone the other way and destroyed your life. but the point is that in your profession...it can be 'good guy/bad guy'...but sometimes when it comes to drugs, it isn't either. sometimes it's just someone who wasn't able to quit. you know, the thing about addiction is that it more often than not is a constant struggle that not everyone wins. for example...i quit smoking so it would be easy for me to say to all the other smokers out there that if i can do it, so can they and that if they don't it's because they don't have the willpower to do so...but the actual truth is that only about 2 or 3% of attempts are completely successful. that's attempts, not a count of how many people are actually able to quit....still it's very very significant. i was able to stop my 15 year addiction to cigarettes after one try...but it's extremely rare to be able to do so. i was lucky...though i still am working on it, so i guess we won't know if i'm completely successful till much later in my life. on the other hand, i can't quit my other addiction and i know how pathetic i am for not being able to quit.

in any event...what i'm getting at is that you have insight into the world of drugs that can be a HUGE benefit to anyone in your profession. more importantly...you seem to want to use that insight...so congrats on that and on the 40 days clean. it's stories like these that give the rest of us hope.
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