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I feel like I just had another baby b/c my damned cat has me up at night....

...and it's not like she's up bein' all affectionate and whatnot...I swear she's a complete spaz..runnin' around the house at mach 12 and gettin' into trouble...she'll try to rip stuff up, pounce on sleeping people's heads, try to pull the power cord out of the computer, stand up and try to knock stuff off the t.v. stand, she JUST climbed up a bureau and pulled down one of my necklaces!!!!!  AHHH!!!  She's sweet as he!! in the daytime, and she plays then too, but it's more constructive, for the most part....She has balls, other various toys, all kinds of stuff...and we play with her too....the obvious answer would SEEM to be that she just wants to play, but this is once or twice a night for a couple hours each time...and even when you play with her during these unGodly hours, she STILL goes over to the things she's not supposed to play with, I SWEAR, just to taunt me......Any ideas here?  We have no doors in the house btw, so putting HER, or US behind one, is not applicable.....Don't suppose they sell kitty sleepin' pills at PetSmart, eh?  OY!
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I have missed you.., hope you are doing good besides the cat.....Is she a kitten??..I love my cat and dog , but that is pretty bad...Do you think she/he is ADHD...Just kidding...Actually they do have meds for them.....
good  to see you!!!
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Try catnip, she'll go crazy for a bit and will tire herself out,
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Thanks, I have missed you too...I have been pretty scarce around here...I'm o.k. other than back pain/fatigue......Yes, she IS a kitten, I'm guessing somewhere around 6 months old....She has caught several mice in the house too, but she doesn't have the first clue what to do with them, so she winds up letting them go....there was a little mouse actually standing up on it's hind legs and boxing her in the face in the kitchen last night....it squeaked it's way on a zig-zag course through the kitchen with her after it later, and then on to it's freedom!  This cat is nuts.....I would NOT be surprised to hear she has ADHD, if that's possible....I'm hoping she outgrows this behavior....She's lucky she's cute, and has me on her side...b/c she is just SO bad at night, and LOUD, and she pounced on my husband's balls the other night and she's lucky she wasn't launched for it....I am thinkin' I may have to put her out at night, but she's not fixed yet, and I certainly don't need a bunch more like her....out of desperation, and fear for the household belongings, I HAVE put her out a couple of times, and she's pushin' it tonight....knockin' down trashcans, doin' all kinds of crazy $hit....and she "talks" the ENTIRE time she's doin' all this....oh man......
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Thanks, I'll try that out....I was thinkin' on makin' a trip to one of those gigantic pet stores tomorrow to find a toy that'd keep her busy without breakin' the bank, so I'll definitely get the catnip.....My husband thinks I should just poke her awake all day long, lol....She sleeps most of the day, as most cats do, but even on the days she's awake more, she still does this crazy **** at night....
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The reason the catnip works it actually causes them to get sleepy.  I found that out with one of my cats that was like that.  Good luck!
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If you think your kitten is deliberately trying to torment you - she probably is  = )

We have three cats and four dogs and the biggest pains in the posterior are the cats.  Everything has to be done when THEY want it.  You can buy expensive toys and the kitten will want to play with the box.  If there is something you don't want scratched - you can bet the kitten will scratch it.  I have a 23 yr old cat and he still does this although he has slowed down a bit with age.

Years ago I learned that the cat is the boss.

Seriously, she should calm down when she gets a bit older and after you have her spayed (unless you want to breed her and have more kittens running around).  Her energy is a sign of her good health although it might tend to wear you out.

We have a kitty condo for one of our cats (but he still scratches the furniture) and are thinking about getting a kitty tunnel I recently heard about.  Also, if it helps, one of our cats is the clumsiest cat I ever saw.  He falls asleep on the TV and then falls off.

Maybe the Cat Forum has some ideas.  Got any pictures of your cat?  I'd love to see them.

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Thanks lonewolf, lol.....I don't have any RECENT pics of her, and so I'll get some to put up either tomorrow or Saturday.  ....and I'll tell ya, I KNOW she's deliberately tormenting me....you can see it b/c of how she looks at you when she's about to do something, and she often does something bad with part of her body already to run away before you even get to her...like she's reaching for whatever it is so she can stay away and out of your reach....she's SO BAD.....We don't have a name for her..somehow, no matter what anyone wanted, we all couldn't agree, so we mostly call her Bad Baby Cat, lol....it fits....."Hey, has anyone seen the Bad Baby Cat?".........."Bad Baby Cat, get DOWN from there!"....."The Bad Baby Cat took my earring and I can't find it"....get the picture? lol

My husband did NOT want this cat in the house to begin with, so she's really pushin' it here, and it's a damned good thing I tend to be a night person to begin with, but for real man, she has got to cool her jets!!!  
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I had a cat once named BC (bad-cat.)  Sounds a lot like yours!  It was a stray and we took her inbefore I knew it was pregnant.  One day my big dog (a huge, Newfinland/samoyed mix) accidently stepped on one of the kittens......

Waht happened next was straight out of Alien!  Momma BC ran, , sprang and launched onto the face of our Newfie!  She was splayed out like that creature in Alien all over the dogs face!  Meanwhile the dog was shaking his head side to side trying to dislodge her.

It was wickedly hillarious to watch, but we finally pried BC off the dog.  Needless to say, he was a bit more careful around the kittens after that.  Prior to the incident he loved to play with them and sniff at them....after he was like..."Yeah, OK, I'm across the room....not near the kitties BC, calm down..."

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LOL....Wow, that's some story!  It sure does sound like the two cats are alike....our Bad Baby Cat is a stray too.  My husband and I were getting ready to go to see Tom Petty in concert in the beginning of June, and in the driveway, sat this EENY baby kitten, I mean, she was WEEKS old...she couldn't even eat...she had an eye infection, and it seemed her mother just dumped her.  We put her in a box that her mother could come retrieve her from, all the while keeping her safe, and put in some water and mozzarella cheese(she could handle that).  Mom never came back, so we adopted her...she lived outside, in a shelter my husband built for her, and then started "visiting" us inside, MUCH to the dismay of the man....he was NOT happy.  Eventually, the "visits" strung together, and here we are.....Oh Lordy, what DID I do when I picked her up in the driveway that day!, LOL
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I KNOW my cats love to torment me.  They use me as a scratching post. We have an Akita - a big dog and our youngest cat, Anakin (who isn't too bright but don't tell anyone) loves to go up to her when sleeping and take a swat at her.  Then he runs away and she chases him - but she can't get into the places he can.  This might sound paranoid but I think cats everywhere are plotting together on the best way to take over and me us humans their servants - not that we aren't already but a "cat plot" isn't as farfetched as some ideas I've heard of.

Fish heads and cat treats to your new "girl"  = )

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Pretty much the same story here, except ours was old enough to be pregnant (not showing) when we adopted her (or she adopted us.)  My big old dog wolfie just loved her.  They played all over the house, and he was so gentle with her.  Then, when the kittens came, and once they were big enough to play with, he loved playing with them.  Here was this huge 120lb dog, with the gentlest of ways.  It was totally by accident that he stepped on one, and I'm sure if he could speak, he would have apologized profusely, but then, once the kitten wailed, out of no-where comes the cat of Doom!!!!!!  It really was funny, in a sordid kind of way!
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Hey, have any of you late-nighters seen the pets and their nicknames post and the do you dare to share post....their both hysterical!
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uuug...I mean they're both hysterical.  

night all!
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Scratchin' post?!  Scratchin' post?!  i got your steenkin' scratchin' post...my damn hands!!!!  I have been to the doctor's alot lately and when I'm there, I am questioned profusely about the HORRENDOUS state of my hands, and I have to SWEAR I'm not a cutter!! LOL.....They usually get that they're cat scratches, before I tell 'em, but they are shocked at how badly they look...and I usually get something like, "Um, uh, yeah, that's one aggressive cat ya got there!"
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The cat nip idea is great, my cats (long time ago) used to love it, they'd go crazy, then sleep. I'd suggest the catnip in a toy that is only taken out at night, so that it's special and won't get ignored.
Putting some doors up in your house could help too. LOL Whats up with that?
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You're familiar with The Money Pit?  Well, I live there, lol, THAT's what's up with that!  I live in an old house that is well over 150 yrs old.....at the time we moved in, they had what they called "gravity" heat (no heat upstairs..heat rises, so that's how you were SUPPOSED to get warm up there), NO closets, walls falling down, bare wires, you name it.....we had to dry wall the he!! outta the place, put in closets, wood work, re-wire, he!!, it STILL ain't done b/c we ran outta time and money....Not a damned thing in the house is square either, hence, no doors...they'd all have to be specially made and it'd cost a fortune, OR we'd have to modify some, and we don't have the time or money for that either....so, ahem, ahem, things get REAL interesting around here when it comes time for some lovin', LOL....I will definitely buy the catnip today!  She was a buster ALL night long....again....still, lol
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OMG, LOL  Sounds like we all need to go to your house and have a big house fixing party!  I know what it's like to have a house half done and no doors. I lived that way for about a year after Hurricane Charlie. I actually grew to like my blue tarp ceiling and my sheet doors. lol
Good luck to you.
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Get her high on catnip....then she'll get all lazy, order pizza and play video games, well at least that's what my "little brother" used to do.
Catnip really works though, but they do grow a tolerance to it and once they get oder, they kind of lose interest, as long as you dont' use it alot.
My kiddies want to get a kitten or a little dog and what you are going through with your little ball of fluff is the reason why I wont' do it for a lllooonnnggg time. My roomate in college had a kitty (we lived of campus in an apartment) and that thing had a vendetta out for me, esp. in the middle of the night. She would attack my feet under the covers...keep me up all night!
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to train a cat not to do things that are bad or touch things. Use a spray bottle full of water and every time you catch them in the act spray them. It works every time. very soon they will learn not to do the things that you do not want them to do. Trust me on this one it's my thing.
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