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I love America

I love America!!!! I really do.....but it is so easy to get illegal drugs..It is unreal. It is everywhere...

I quess it is like that in other countrys.. I don't know.

I am worried about my kids (7 and 2). I pray that they will be able to say no when they get older... I have made it a major thing to teach them.....

Hang in there everybody....We can do it......It seems alot of people ( like me) are having trouble.......
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Coolio you areo right thanks for your encouragement!
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yes, drugs r everywhere now. living in canada, would be a pill poppers dream. we pay for nothing, no doctor's no surgeries and the price for pills r cheap. it's the same price for pills whether the rx is for 10 or 100. as long as u educate your children at a young age about drugs, then they will know better and say no, hopefully they r smarter than us.
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I took my daughter (7 years old ) to Washington D.C last weekend. I took her to places that i knew had bum's , homeless and drug addicts.
I showed her what happens to people when they make bad choices in life. I took her to where one lady lives under a bridge and i told her that once this lady was cool and had everything but then she did drugs...

I wish someone had done that with me when i was young.
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So in Canada You don't have to have a Rx to get Pain Meds?
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yes you need an rx to get them unless u want them off the street. but it's the same price for 10 or 100 pills and we never pay a single cent to ever see a doctor or nothing, any surgery here is 100% free, unless you want a boo b job, that u have to pay for, lol
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wow you don't have to pay to even see a doctor:O wow and the amount of pills is the same price no matter how many? I am glad I don't live in Canada I am really trying to get Clean and that would just be too easy for me. :)
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im surprised how many americans do not know health care here is free, i mean completely free, any citizen gets a health card and u just show it and never see a bill. i guess we r lucky that way. they don't just pass out pills here though, does not work like that, good thing, lol.
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That's it...I'm movin to Canada!!! haha
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Ah but wait a minute.  I have relatives in Canada and it is not all that easy.  My cousin tore her rotator cuff at work at a hospital.  She had to wait almost 7 months to have surgery.  If you got hurt in the USA on the job like this chances are you would have had surgery alot sooner.  

In between the time of her surgery they did supply her with medication BUT then she did have to taper off and went through a withdrawal too.  She could have become addicted very easily.

Pros & Cons with Canada....although I do love it up there.
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I have heard that it takes forever to see a doctor in Canada...you're right about the pros and cons. That is a long time to wait for surgery. So in that case I wonder how long it takes for just a normal check up or physical...must be years!! But the other thing about Canada is I've heard of how extremely low the murder and violent crime rate is compared to the US...some crazy number like 3 murders a year compared to whtever the extremely large number of murders a year we have here in the US...it's scary. I really wish I could move up there...it's colder than where I live in New Hampshire and it's pretty darn cold here most of the time..that's the only downfall.
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Yes, I believe that is right you will have to wait on Gizzy but you have to be put on a list in Canada for surgery and other procedures. It's not as good as it sounds. Yes, we have problems with our health care system here but free health care it not quite like it sounds.
In America we still have the freedom to make choices about our doctors and second opinions etc. The cost of our Insurance is outrageous I agree but I want my freedom to chose and have access to treatment ASAP. My families health Insurance for 4 is $1500 a month...Crazy but doctors charges are so high from insurace that covers them from malpractice and then we have so many people in the country that have no insurance or the government covers them that someone has to pay and it us.
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You are right it is easy but I don't think it's a problem limited to our country. I know it's a supply and demand problem but you should see how easy iit is to get in Mexico, that's how  so much of it comes here. It's very sad!!
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my boss pays 360 a month for me - i am lucky she pays it all.  my son is free on father's insurance.  My daughter's is 127 a month and it is **** - it is like not having insurance.  I think at the most, children should be free.
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I think if you are open, honest and don't shy away from the cold harsh reality of life for some in this country, your kids will have more insight to the future. I'll say this , something I read online (not mine)  Kids might not always listen but they are always watching.
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