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If you If you could have cosmetic surgery would you and what would it be ?

OK this is for both guys and girls if you could have plastic surgery 100 % payed for would you and what would you do .

I would so do it ..
1.nose job
2.stretch marks removed
3.tummy tuck just to get rid stretched skin from having kids
and what the heck a little bot ox for good measure
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After seeing Kenny Rogers and Joan Rivers i wouldnt do anything.......
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Liposuction on the tummy,and I have just had laser treatment for the wrinkles around the eyes.
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Lapband then tummy tuck Avisg you buying I heard it's five grand in Mexico. It seems like a far off dream since I have a total 45 bucks to my name. Oh and some pop cans to return also lol
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Your rich!!!  Maybe i should start drinking pop so i have some cans to return!!
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That's what I do hey wait a sec maybe that's why I need the lap band, all the pop I drink!
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What are you going to do with your 45.00??!!!
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