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Im hopeless, right back where i started

Hey all,
No one is going to be to happy with what i am about to say but i have always been one for telling the truth ~I couldnt take it anymore and i got my oxys filled took 60 of them in two days then got hydros and took 30 in two days now here i sit again depressed and withdrawling but this time is worse cuz im looking at what i went thru to get clean and thinking if i couldnt make it this time i never will. I have let myself down ,, my kids my husband and pry most of you and i am truely sorry for that . Now im back to trying to figure out where i can get more even contomplating spending my electric bill money on an old dealer to get something if i even can . I just feel like the biggest peice of sh*t right now guys what the hell do i do now ~Chros
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first off....DON'T buy the drugs. We've all been there before. The 'I'm a big piece of [email protected] and I hate myself' stage. So you slipped. Nobody's perfect. Dust yourself off, stop dwelling on the past and just go forward from today. You made a mistake, learn from it!
Please don't waste money on more drugs. The WD's will be over so soon....and you will feel 100% better mentally if you don't use the drugs. Our minds are very powerful when it comes to addiction. Have a serious talk with yourself and tell yourself that you won't be getting anymore drugs and that you will be just fine without them.

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I've done it before to (relapsed) felt like **** about it. Heck feel that way right now but obviously you want to get clean sooo onward you must go. There are'nt to many people out there that can quit and never use again. It's by no means a reason to give up or give in. Like you said your kids and husband are worth starting over for.
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Every time you get clean--it wrecks your next high.

What do you do? Chrostie, you know the answer honey. Last time you had your internet shut off and some other essentials....please do the right thing and get help. you are young and have so much going for you.

Take care.
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