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Important to recovery: Classic Soul Train!

Who here watches this show (late night weekends, Saturday afternoon).

With massive quantities of polyester and teased out afro's, this is something you just can't miss!!

Last night I went to bed in good cheer to the sound of

"Shake shake shake....shake shake shake...Shake Your Boogie,...Shake Your Boogie!:

Last week it was "Super Freak"!

Come on, I can't be the ONlY one!!!
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*sigh* That's "Booty", NOT "Boogie." There goes my groove! :)
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I might be tempted....but for three years during that federal time that I did there was an incredible party in the dayroom on saturday morning when all the bro's got together to watch original Soul Train....just too many memories..but then to see that poly and afro's again I just might...................r
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My god...I KNEW that's what African American guys do in prisons on Saturday mornings! I must be psychic! :)

Keep in mind, I'd be right there with them (If they let me!) I'd think that "Classic Soul Train" would be the one thing that could bring temporary racial harmony to this country, for at least the hour it's running!
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hehehe....OMG...sigh...savas. you never cease to amaze me. shake my boogie. LOL LOL....
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do you know how many polyesters they had to kill to make those leisure suits?
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Hey I was in juvy-jail when folks would watch that on Sat mornings too!   Then we would put on music and try to make our own soul train dance line!  Ahh, memories.  
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