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Just looking for a familiar face i guess...

Hey there, was just checking in and looking for a familiar face...although with me hardly being on here now it seems like most of the people i used to talk to have moved on and many new people have replaced them. If any of you are still here please let me know how you are getting on! Anyway im kinda in need of a friend right now, going through a bit of a hard time! Would be good to hear from someone xxx
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Hey hon.We've never talked before,but I'm hear if you need someone.
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Hey, sweetie........i messaged you for a long time........been wondering and worried about you,,,,,,,,,its been a long, long, time........hope your ok.......

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I remember you, and I'm still around.  Glad to see you back.  How are you doing ?
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hey girlie, how are ya?  its about time you checked in.  we miss ya here.  catch me up on whats up with you.  love ya
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I am here, off & on but I always answer my PMs. Any time you need me, I am here for you. It's good to see you!
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Im still here and remember you. Whats up? How are you doing?
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