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Hello All!  Anyone know if Ladysundown comes around anymore?  I don't see a post past 2008 from her.  I know some of you have been around for awhile.  I would LOVE to talk to her about the patch.  I feel like I'm the only darn one who was taking that darn thing.  :(    Plus, are there any fibromyalsia folks here?  I know there is a board for it but they got mad at me when I put my original post about me story and referred to the patch as "the devil itself".  So, until I'm completely over this opiate addiction, etc.  I prefer to just stay here.
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I know we have other members with it ... Lady sundown has not been here in over a year and a half .She did a long slow taper and I know she had some very rough times but she did get off of them .you can do it just take it slow ....
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i talked to her about a month or so ago.  i will try and get in touch with her and see if i can get her to come and talk to you.
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That would REALLY be sooooo appreciated!! I have read some of her posts from back in the day.  But, I have a feeling she will be able to help me with my struggles and questions right now...  I feel like this patch is really something from a whole different planet.  And, I was help prisoner for 2 years.  Been 7 days now, I weaned down a bit, then, cold turkey.  Anyhow, thank you for responding and I hope she is ok and have a little time to spare.  
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