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Leg atrophy and klonopin

I have been on klonopin for about 2 1/2 years at a dose of .5mg at night for supposed restless leg sydrome due to an unrehable knee with on and off excruciating pain and inflammation.  I have noticed a weight loss while on klonopin along with leg atrophy and I cannot seem to get my leg muscles strong without exacerbating pain.  I have tried to wean several times but couldn't handle the leg pain at night.  I am now 1st day off klonopin after weaning slowly.  Symptoms are rearing their ugly head but my resolve is hight and I am determined to do this.  Does anyone think that the klonopin cause inability for muscles to get stronger and cause weight loss.  Please somebody identify. I am hoping this is my road to recovery.  I am in physical therapy and the therapist is stumped as to why my quad muscles are not firing..responding to treatment.  Any feedback would be helpful.  Thanks
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i was on klonopin for about 3 yrs..A much higher dose then you..I got off c/t and had about 13 days of hell..w/d's were terrible..But none of them were what you are talking about..Wish i could of been more help..
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My Mom went through 8 Months of WD from a ct 1.5mg a day Klonipin habit. She almost went nuts. She too started it for RLS. She eventually went back on the meds and tapered 1/8th of a mg per 3 weeks. She was cutting 1mg pills into 8ths. But she detoxed will little to no discomfort that way. Please, be careful and take it slow...
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