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Lesa give me a message when u get this if you dont mind talkn plz.??

Well hey I need a friend and you have been the most supportive!! But if im not here when u get on here tell me a time so we can talk....try one today....or if that doesnt work pick one for tom. well do both to be on safe side pretty plz??
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I'm here Kitkat Please feel free to private message me if you like.. I will respond.. We are all here for you Just waiting for you to climb on board with your recovery..  lesa
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I am not sure how to do private message!!
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I sent you a message and a friend request.. I can talk now if you like.. if not now when you get a chance I will always respond...
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in the upper right you will see you have 1 message.. next to your inbox
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Alrighty chkn it out now!!
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