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Seems like theres been alot of people trying to shake ye ole "done lately. thought many might be interested in reading what the government has discovered about the growing use of methadone and the fact that there is a huge escalation in related deaths.

Its a typical GAO(government accountability office) study, ah... like huge. but  WOW ,chuck full of info and facts.

I never knew it caused so many deaths, and that even the Govt made this study early this year.  I often wondered about this, because there seemed be times when I was mixing drugs that I thought I was close.......very close to stepping over the edge.

Its very important for one to know, how methadone works, otherwise you can easily buy the farm on this stuff. quite a few stories out there on the internet too, that often tell a tale of some young guy that mistakenly ate a whole waffer, while drinking, never to wake up again.

sad, so many people have lost loved ones over this drug, just never knew it was this bad.............

heres the link,hopefully it shows up, if not  look up GAO methadone study

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hey dude havent seen ya in a wile im at 4mg now but had a bad night last night
and this morning is'ent much better so goes the ride to sobriety, I think I might
slow things down a bit mabe go 7 days between drops now that im in the end stretch
but annways I just wanted to say hi and BTW I hope your still doing good you give
me hope thanks again Gnarly
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This is one reason I think Suboxone is a better choice that HAVE to use an opiate replacement program. The unique action of Suboxone makes it much less easy to overdose on.
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yes, you are definitely right about that.

as you may know, I am not a big fan of the sub system and the way SOME doc's dole it out, not to mention other things..........like money and monoplies

but I have certainly met some here,that have shared thier sub stories, and they were prime candidates for it.

and methadone certainly has saved many lives too, but with sub now, the question is......do we need it?

hey Gnarly,was out of town............ take your time and do what you feel is right, but also do what its going to get the job done also. 'done is a tough ******* to deal with. it takes some REAL determination !!

but like I have said before...........could be alot worse things to deal with !!!

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Interesting topic

I had a friend die from overdosing on Methadone.. as they were trying to get off of heroin...

I NEVER KNEW that you could overdose on Methdone until my friend did....

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Do we need Methadone? I think we do right now. The prime reason is that it's cost effective where Suboxone is not. Sub is supposed to be released as a generic later this year. When the cost becomes a non-issue, then I agree, Methadone may become a dinosaur. (There will always be patients that favor it because it's so much easier to abuse than Suboxone).
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methadone is better than sub when it comes to it being used as an analgesic. and if your an opioid addict it definitely does the trick.  I liked it and it sure made me feel great !!

the problem is its being used as an analgesic(pain killer) nowadays, which is what the nazis developed it for originally,during WWII.  in one state,of the 1095 drug over doses, that year........795 or so were from methadone !!! the key was to get, IV street users and other heavy opiate addicts off the streets, and away from the nightmare of heavy street addiction. it did its job in the day, but now being used as an anagesic?

a local kid ,whom was a big 6"4 kid at 18 years old, made the mistake of eating a whole waffer.......was dead the next day. very sad.

I can say i will never forget the wd's from the 'done !!
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Is Methadone prescribed for long term chronic pain issues ?  Just trying to figure out if it's something that someone with long term chronic pain issues will HAVE to take for the rest of their lives...and if so... will they have to be on Methadone for eternity.. and does it require an increasing dose due to tolerance?
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