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Malware warning

I know this isn't about  addiction and substance abuse but it will affect your internet connections to this and any website. So I have posted the info below.

Malicious software may prevent infected computers from connecting to Internet starting Monday, July 9. PC users are advised to check their system immediately whether they have DNS Changer malware or not.
Check 'dns-ok.us' Now for DNS Changer Malware: Malicious Computer Virus May Kill Your Internet Monday

DNS Changer malware had been around since 2007, created by seven hackers who wanted to redirect people’s traffic rogue servers so that they could generate revenue from advertising companies. In 2011, FBI arrested the six Estonian hackers, who reportedly raised $14 million by their illegitimate method. So check ou to see if your computer is infected go to:


If it comes up green you are good to go if it doesn't then you are infected, follow the instructions on the page to get get the malware off of your system. God Bless---Rick
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And this, my dear, is why I have a MAC.....
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I heard about this the other day on the news but didnt pay much attention.  Maybe i should now!!
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Hi how ya doing? The malware I am talking about is Operating System (OS) agnostic, which basically means its not dependant on the OS. It is a Network & Application layer attack. What it does is redirects your browser to other sites by changing you Domain Name Server  (DNS) settings. The malware live in your browser and causes the problems from there. I know you are saying "what the heck is DNS?" Well simply put  Domain Name System (DNS) is a database system that translates a computer's fully qualified domain name such as medhelp.org into an IP address.

Networked computers use IP addresses to locate and connect to each other, but IP addresses can be difficult for people to remember. For example, on the web, it's much easier to remember the domain name www.amazon.com than it is to remember its corresponding IP address ( DNS allows you to connect to another networked computer or remote service by using its user-friendly domain name rather than its numerical IP address. Conversely, Reverse DNS (rDNS) translates an IP address into a domain name. It can make your internet connection unusable.

Also in past years there hasn't been may viruses or malwale created against MAC OS because of the low incidents of usage. This is no longer true, the number of MAC users vs Windows users has increased from 98% Windows to 2% MAC OS in 2000 to 85% Windows & 15% MAC. So now the evil hackers are now targeting MAC much more than they ever have. Also the advent of the iPhone (which uses MAC OSX) has further increased the development of MAC OS malware.

So yes MAC maybe somewhat more secure but it still has its security holes.
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You made it easy to understand.  I hope you are ok that I posted the basic info you shared on my facebook page!  Thanks!  Going to go check now!!
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Easy peasy!  Just checked all ok!!!!!! Love passive tests!!!
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No problem, the more people understand about these type of malware problems the less problems there will be. Plus this is what I do for a living so it's easy for me to explain. I am glad your systems safe---Rick
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