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Mary: Change my Republican mind!!!

Okay Mary you have made a challenge to change your mind, why don't you change our (Republicans) mind!!
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That's what I've been trying to do. LOL  So, what's it gonna take ........a look into the future ?   Well, look at the past 7 1/2 years .......only worse.
Think about it, we are losing jobs, homes, health care, savings.
When people say that McCain is more of the same, there is a reason.  This is fact.....look up the voting record....please......McCain admits this himself. ( I will find the clip and post it)
He was against regulations that could have stopped this wallstreet disaster.  Now he is for regulations.
Too be totally honest, I know Obama is not going to be able to live up to all his promises (neither could McCain) none of them do.  Republicans have had 8 years to screw this country up and they have done a fantastic job at it.  Four more years and we might not be able to pull out of this.   I'm pleading with you now.....please please look into this......you will find I'm right. You don't have to trust me go look up some facts please (or I can list them for you)lol.
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I'm lazy, list them for me!
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Is there any particular issues your questioning ?
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I can do the same going the other direction. I just have to find the time to filter through everything and then I'll post it.  

Voting for Obama is going to destroy this country!  It's my very strong opinion!  The man doesn't even love this country - it's obvious with many of the things he and his wife have said!  They put on a good show, but they are all lies!  You think things are bad now, just wait until he's in office and stops the fair doctrine act and starts giving handouts - watch your taxes go up.  He is a socialist and once we get there, we are screwed!  Look at Canada and England.  If you have cancer there, you can rest assure that you'll die before you can get medical care!  I know many canadians who come to the US for medical care because they have to get on long waiting lists in Canada.  At least that's what they tell me!  I would bet that within a couple years with Obama as president we will be paying close to 45% of our paychecks in taxes to the federal government with all the free things they want to give us!  They only do that to control us!  

If the democrats are so much better than why are things worse since the dems took over congress two years ago?  They promised so much and look where they are - they have a lower approval rating than Bush!  

I just wish we could find a good independent to vote in and show the parties we have had enough of the ****!!!!
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Helpinutah; My mom loves Ron Paul.

Mary: Any info would be good. I'm an open minded person.
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Yeah right ....they hate this country and are out to destroy it for their two young children and the rest of us.  It's been his life long dream to get elected president so he could just **** us up !  
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I have to walk the dogs, but you can bet you will have tons to read by morning. lol  
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I'm not questioning his charater so much as his strength. I just want to know what he's done. I mean give Palin credit she's really trying ot get things done and acts not just talks. It just seems like I see himn talking and writing but not much else.
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I respect everyones opinion, but I have very strong opinions too.  Just want you to know that.  My old boss and I were on total ends of the spectrum and we would have some fabulous debates!  I was able to say my piece and her hers and we remained very close and to this date are still friends who differ completely in politics.  But, that's fair.  It's America!  The right to disagree!  So, I do respect you and your opinions whether I disagree or not.  I just wanted to make sure you knew that!  

I guess when I hear Obama apologize to other countries that we don't learn their language before we go to visit their countries, it makes me sick.  I don't see others doing the same thing.  While on the campaign trail he chose to speak in Germany - WHAT!  What does that have to do with us voting over here!  He has made comments that one fof the reasons he won't put his hand over his heart during the national anthem is that the words are divisive and make others feel bad!  WHAT?  This is America that he wants to be the President for!  Why apologize for our national anthem and for our freedoms.  That's where my opinion comes that he must not truly love this country.  I have heard words of what appeared to me as hatred and disdain for this country from his wife and the preacher he went to Church with for many years and who was a part of his close personal circle for years.   I have a feeling he has a broader agenda than even his own party understands.  It's a gut feeling and I have to tell you that my intuition is usually right on about people!  

I'll be putting up tons of stuff to read too - but maybe not by morning.  Probably over the weekend!  

Have a wonderful day everyone!  I'm trying . . . .
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Have you read Obamas Health Plan? You are making stuff up. How do you get that 45% of your pay check? That's ridiculous. You can keep the health insurance you have now if you like it. Or, you can skip insurance if you want. I am sick of hearing about more Government with Democrats. The Republican party today is not your Daddy's Republican party. Republicans are the borrow and spend party. The government just paid 85 billion dollars to buy AIG. They insure our debt to China. Bush sold our country to China. I AM PRO LIFE. I can't vote for that this time around. Two reasons. 1. The country is really in bad shape. McCain is going to do everything exactly like Bush. All politicians lie, but McCain is beyond, beyond. At 9 in the morning he says the economy is fundamentally sound. At 4 in the afternoon the same day he says it is in crisis. His policies are responsible for this crisis. The War. Bush and Chaney lied to us. Iraq is one of the only countries in the Middle East that had nothing to do with 9/11. I heard John McCain say today. "I promise I will make sure your money at the bank is safe". OMG........I am 51 and I never heard any President say something like that. The economy is crashing. 2. Being pro life, I expect the Republicans to try and change that. They keep promising me that. Well, for 4 years, the Republicans had total power. The President, the House, The Senate, and the Supreme Court. They did not do one thing to overturn Roe V. Wade. They didn't even try.The only time they talk about it, is election time. Then McCain totally insults me, and picks Palen for Vice President. He picked her for one reason. To tug at my Pro Life heart and get a vote. Enough is Enough................No One can be as bad as Bush, except McCain. This is an easy choice.
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OMG.........Obama never said that c r a p about why he didn't put his hand over his heart one stinking time. Where did you hear that. On FOX. Please produce that for me. When you go to a football game. Do 80,000 people put there hand on there heart? They got one snap shot of him with his hand off his heart and they fed it to haters for a week. George Bush wears a flag on his lapel. Big Deal. Look what he did to our country.
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I will find that quote for you.  I heard it right from his own lips!  It might take me a little while to find it somewhere.  It's funny I hear people who are democrats tell me that this year they are voting republican for the first time ever because the republican party of today is the like democratic party of the Kennedy years.  I've never heard it the reverse before.  I'm neither Republican nor Democrat - both parties need a good spanking if you ask me!!!  

If we would all get together and vote independent we would send a HUGE message to Washington that we've had enough of their politics.  

I have to do some research because I'm pretty sure that one of the reasons Republicans were so upset that McCain won the nomination was that he was too liberal.  I've also heard people like Joe Biden and other democrats speak fondly of John McCain previously stating that he was someone willing to work bipartisan and that he voted against Bush many times.  These are things I have heard with my own ears over the past several years!  Now that he's the nominee - they are changing their tune.  Unfortunately for them, those words will come back to haunt them.  I can absolutely bet it's coming from the Republicans.  

Like I said, what an interesting election year. It's ****!!!
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