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Mind over Body&self-talk

Do you guys think this is true? Self-talk, using a mind-body connection to get through everything we seem to be going through.

Mind of Matter...I know that self-talk helped me kick cig's to the curb....self-talk forced me into seeking help for my opiate addiction, and self-talk is really kicking my butt back into shape.

I am on day 48 of being sober. I have never felt better in my life.
I am still taking clonazapam to combat the side effects of the Sub - but I know that is damaging me in my practice of yoga. So I find myself taking less and less and less. (which is good)
I am so thankful for you guys here - helping me and listening to me - and helping me in getting better.
I feel like my old self again - I look in the mirror and I recognize the girl staring back at me. My boyfriend and my family even comments on how well I am doing, looking, and my attitude etc..

without you guys, I would have been at the mercy of people I don't really trust (i.e. doctors). You guys, I trust. (except for one who will remain nameless)
So my question to you all is, this really all is about mind over matter and self-talk - isn't it?
Do you all understand what I am talking about?

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I think self-talk works wonders - and I strongly believe in a mind-body connection.  Sometimes we need to speak 'out loud' our goals and thoughts so that we hear again and again what they are.  I also believe in a body - mind connection, i.e., when I feel 'down' or 'sluggish', I make sure my Iron is good because I tend to be anemic.  The thing is - my BODY told my mind something is amiss - make sense?
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Good for you!! You are FINALLY nuturing yourself! Its soo much easier to punish ourselves because thats what our addiction brought us to.  When we get clarity of thought, its wonderful almost spiritual!  We can change soo much.  A huge part of recovery is learning to change our thinking, be kinder and gentler to ourselves. But its not exclusive to mind over matter/self-talk.  A big component is letting go.  Letting go of people, places and things that kept us using. Letting go of things we can't change right now.  Letting go of our drug of choice. Its about forgiveness, clarity and yes, our attitude.   How wonderful you are experiencing these things!  THAT is truly what recovery is. As an addict in recovery, nothing makes me happier than to see someone who "gets" it!  You Go!
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Absolutely. You do have to be careful not to offend the subconscious and remember it's like a slow child. It takes a WHILE for things to get through to it and it to register and formulate a response, usually a nasty, childish, immature one!.
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