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Missing Pieces

I am empty, nothing but a shell,
Reality hasn't eluded me, I can tell.
Life is cruel, rarely kind,
Broken hearts mess with the mind.
Mine is shattered, small pieces all about,
scattered here and there without a doubt.
Pick them up and put them back,
never the same after all that.

A piece is missing, I feel it so,
A piece he took, that's all his own.
I'll never get it back,
its his to keep.
A piece of me, to remind him,
of what he let go.

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How sad it is that you must weep,
Due to heartlessness from a creep,
Time will sort out all that's wrong.
And replace it with a song.

Why do we let our heads hang low,
Because of some disheartening woe?
We do not lose, it's the other one,
Who loses all and surely gains none.

Stop your weeping it's time to smile,
You're the winner by a mile.
So lift your head up,really high,
It will all heal bye and bye.

Poetry seems to be your style.
It can penetrate and even beguile.
Just punctuate him with the mighty pen,
Do it once and then once again.

Twice is enough then into the trash,
Put all the things you tend to rehash,
Wave goodbye as you send him in,
To the ever healing garbage bin.

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I have pieces of me  scattered all over, my prayer is that they are being taken care  of.
......Very nice
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Very nice carr......I like your writing style.........sara
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