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It was suggested that I re-post this poem here....Let me know what you think.

I need an exorcism. I have demons.
My demons are worse than any other demons. Every single one of them,
Like “you don’t know what I go through on the daily type” demons.
Yea, these demons are old school.
I encounter them and recognize them everyday. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.
But everyday I’m fighting them.
Oh, there is one right there. Man, those demons are slick.
Lucky I have that gift and grace of God to keep me free.
Lately, I am feeling like I need an exorcism of some sort.
I got some new stuff that I am dealing with.
I have something worse than demons.
They lie in wait until the perfect time when I am feeling weak and vulnerable,
When I don’t have my guard up, when I am depressed or thinking hard about something.
They come at me when I can’t and don’t have to time to focus on them.
They make me eat when I don’t want to eat.
I have monsters in my stomach!
See, there you go. I knew I shouldn’t have said it.
I knew you wouldn’t believe me.
You think I am just fat because I want to be?
You don’t think I want to have a six pack and take off my shirt
At any given time like all those pretty working out type brothers do for no reason at all.
“Why is your shirt off, man?!! It’s 0 degrees outside, why is your shirt off!!!
I remember when the monsters were just babies.
They would try to get me to eat something and I would just laugh.
“Oh, be quiet little monster, I just ate!”
Then I would run outside and go play basketball for hours and work out unconsciously all the calories that I ate up that day.
Man, those were the good ole days.
Now the monsters in my stomach are full grown adults,
Conniving my taste buds like humans manipulate other humans.
And it just don’t seem right when they drag me to eat
99 cents chicken nuggets on Tuesdays,
When I already ate at El Pollo Loco, talking about I can’t pass up this deal!
Come on Monsters I just ate!
They keep me from the gym. Oh look at you, you don’t believe me.
You think I want wear a size 4 xs, cause all the skinny kids do!
Well, this may be a shocker to you, but, I’m not skinny. And I’m not that hip.
I wear a 4x, cause that is the only size that fits me and my monsters.
And how mad do I get when I go to the store to buy their biggest size
Only to find out that all the big sizes are sold out
Cause a bunch of skinny cool kids bought them all.
Get your own size!
Every time I set my mind to even start thinking about working out,
The monsters devise a plan to thwart my mission.
And somehow I work out a way to get to KFC!
And you should see me when I am eating.
How many people do you know that sweat when they eat?
That’s cause the monsters in my stomach are hard at work
Devouring all the food that they force me to put on my plate.
I hate the false feeling of getting a workout while I am eating.
But if you see me after grubbing on a hot meal from Aunt May’s house,
You would think that I just ran a marathon.
Sweating like an athlete but fat as a couch potato.
These monsters in my stomach got jokes man!
They got jokes!!!
But I know you don’t believe me.
After all, you don’t believe in monsters
And that is how they get you. I used to think that, too.
They may not be in your stomach, but have you checked your heart, lately.
Monsters could be lurking like babies, just waiting to get adults.
If you don’t watch it, they grow up fast
Have you hating on everyone that tries to help you.
You then get a reputation of being cold-hearted,
But I know the truth…you just have monsters in your heart.
I can’t tell you how to get help, cause I am dealing with my own monsters.
Your best bet is to pray.
The sooner you recognize that we all have monsters growing up inside of us,
The better this world of hell will be
I have monsters in my stomach.
Where are yours?

by Poetri
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my monster lives in my head ,.it never leaves me be ,.
it says nasty things to people ,and these people think its me ,but its my monster ,
it says things like people don't care about me ,it says they will tell me they do but they dont ,they are the liars ,it tells me not to Liston to them ,....it tells me i can do anything i want  its my life ,..they cant stop me from doing anything ,......
sometimes it tells me to die and i will have so much Peace i wont hurt anymore ,it tells me ,its  people that hurt me ,,
it wont take long just a few minutes go on do it ,and it tell me i will be with my children and i will be happy again ,,it say go on what am i waiting for just do it ,.......my monster looks like a dark grey cloud ,it has red eyes i can see them ,
i dont like my monster ,..........
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