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My Health - Pancreatitis

Well, my family doctor spoke with me last night and wants to see me tonight after hours.  I'm so glad she's the kind of doctor she is.  She's so helpful!!!

As for me, the specialist cannot do the test he wanted because my intestines (from my gastric bypass) are still too long for him (with an endoscope) to go throught he pouch into the intestines and back up into the duct area.  So, he is doing an MRI instead this Friday.

I'm feeling a lot better as far as pain goes, but still have the other symptoms of diarrhea, nausea and headaches.  I still feel really fatigued, but that's probably a combination of only being 33 days out from Lortab as well as the illness.

I am taking Darvocet when the pain is there, but otherwise, I'm not taking anything.  I'm being very careful and feel good about that.

Thanks for all your well wishes!  I have appreciated it.  
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I know you were on a liquid diet, are you getting any vitamins in ?  Can you drink Boost ?  Hope they get to the bottom of this for you. Hang in there.
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I am so glad you are sounding better.  Hopefully your family doc will be of some help tonight.  Glad to see there are still good ones out there!!!!  Hang in there.  I know it is challenging at times but you are doing really well.  Stay strong        sara
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Mary, I'm still on mostly liquid, but I have read up about foods you can eat with chronic pancreatitis (which is what my family doctor thinks I have).  Basically, it's a low-fat, low-sugar diet with complex carbs.  On Friday night, I ate a sandwich with lean turkey, low-fat cream cheese and avocado.  It was awesome and did not bother my stomach.  I was told to keep the fat down 30 grams a day only.  Saturday, I tried to eat dinner, but it hurt my stomach and so I stuck with SF/FF Jello instead and a Soy Protein drink.  Last night I had a Soy Protein drink and a small sweet potato.  I had no trouble.  I'm gaining more energy from the food.  So, yes, I'm getting nutrition and taking supplements as well.  

My doctor even gave me her cell phone number a couple months ago. She is still trying to develop her practice here in my home town of Tooele, Utah, but it's not giving her enough money yet and so she is in Idaho working for a hospital in Soda Springs.  So, she is only here every other week.  She's awesome - to give me her cell phone number.  I have only used it twice - the first time when my withdrawals were so horrible and I called her about it.  The second time was when these pains were so horrible.  She's just great!!!!  I'm pretty lucky.  I told her I would only call her if I truly needed her.  
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