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My friend takes forever to get ready............

Does anyone have a friend that takes hours and hours to get ready?

I love this girl.  She's wonderful in every way except her timing when primping to go somewhere.  Seriously, she doesn't look much better after all that, then she did when she started.  I think there must be some type of disorder...and it seems like she gets so distracted while trying to rush.  Could this be ADD?

We've gotten into a couple of harsh arguements over this and didn't speak for a while.  I don't want to do this again, so I just don't wait for her anymore, but she's one of my best friends.

I can take long myself, but don't think I've EVER taken longer than 3 hours.  That was bad for me.  Sometimes I can be ready in an hour if the hair is being good.

I've watched her from start to finish many times.  It goes something like this.

Bath, then eventually shower - shaves then showers and washes hair about 1 hour.

Lotions entire body - including finding the type lotion out of about 20 bottles and does the process - 30 minutes

The outfit - OMG - that can already be decided, but for some reason will always change.  Her bed will have 20 - 30 pieces of items tried on, and she goes to the mirror 100 times examining.  1 1/2 hours

The shoes - About 20 minutes.

The makeup - 1 hour

The hair 1 hour

The purse - 20 minutes

The jewelry - about 30 minutes.

The above listed is about 5 ridiculous hours.  That doesn't even include the interrupting phone calls or her employees dropping in for business reasons causing another couple of hours distraction.

Anyway, I guess what I'm asking is, is there a cure for this?  I've love to meet my friend out sometime earlier than 11:30 at night.  By that time, everything's about over for me.

I don't think this is fixable.  Do you?  I think one of the rudest things someone can do is to make them wait for you.  If you're not ready, then no longer than 30 minutes is exceptable in my opinon.

I'd just like to hear ideas on what people have tried to help someone like this with, or did it just make things worse?
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Hey, you just described ME!!...........Ummm, So what are Ya tryin to say?????LOL
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There is no reason for her to make you wait......ahhhhh I hate that. If it takes her 5 hours then she needs to start 5 hours before your meet time. I kinda feel bad for this girl. She's wasting tons of her life on primping. Sounds like she does have some sort of OCD in that department. I used to take a few hours to get ready. (that's when BIG hair was in)lol.  I don't even have the patients to completely blow dry my hair anymore. I'm always leaving the house with partially wet hair.  To think I used to wash, blow dry, hot roll and mess with it for a half hour after all that.
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I can shower shave and dress in 30 minutes.  Cant guarantee i will be beuitified but my important parts are clean!!!
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Uh, Mary..............what cha trying to say.......lol
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sounds more of an ocd prob to me!
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Never thought about OCD.....I was relating it to ADD, because she's so easily distracted while getting ready.  Thanks!
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