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If you're a person that wants to read a recovery meditation(s) as part of your day, I recently found a wonderful link.

There are daily meditations from at LEAST 25 (I quit counting at 25..LOL) sources. Everything from "Just for Today" to the Big Book to the Bible to Codependency to the Tao.  Something for EVERYONE.

The cool thing is....they are updated each day and ready to read each morning (or whenever) from your computer....you don't have to buy all the books to benefit from any/all of them.

Anyhoo....I LOVE this link.....and have found it to be a wellspring of wisdom all in one place.  Passin it on~


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My "Just For Today" book is really haggered. I got it in 1987 when I first got clean and I was in Hazelden in Minnesota. I still get their newsletter today. I believe they still are the number one rehab in the country. Anyway, they have a great bookstore. You may want to look at that also:

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Thank you CIK... this is a wonderful resource. wow. love love love it. I've been using it now everyone morning to refill my cup... so need. :)

Great find girl! Thank you for sharing!!!
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Thank You for this info..lol
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