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NFL - WEEK #2--WINNER!!!!!!!!!

There were some tough picks this week and everyone did great but there was one that stood out.

Congratulations to “Mr Mom” (bmdad) with an AMAZING 14 wins!!!

I thought he was spending his days hanging with the neighbor ladies and playing Texas Hold ‘Em for Charmin coupons but boy was I wrong. He can still pick ‘em!!!! Way to go!!!!

Here are this week’s winners:

bmdad               14
pillfree                12
ANewLife4Me     11
IBKleen               11
addict3                10
narla                     9
quitinoxys             9
dominosarah        9
ang-811                7

And here are the cumulative totals for the past two weeks:

bmdad                24
IBKleen               20
ang_811             19
addict3                19
ANewLife4Me      19
pillfree                  18
dominosarah        18
quitinoxys             18
narla                     17
drifter                   10
vicki595                 8

We got a tough week coming up for week 3. The picks will be posted later in the week.
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Mr. Mom cheated!!  Congrats Brian!

I have yet to see one frickin game this year.  Have no clue what any of the teams are really doing except my Raiders of course!  Working really interferes with my social life.......
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Congrats Brian. n ur welcome for letting u win this week. I dont like bn greedy n taken all the wins ya know?

To Sarah...B a stay at home mother hen n ill send ya check weekly.
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I don't use Charmin. I use the Cottonelle with Aloe and E. It's the one in the green package with the puppy on the front. It's the best!

I think what we need to do is everyone buy a couple dollars worth of lottery tickets each week from the state we live in. If one of us wins, we split it. Then none of us would have to worry about work!

I think Sara should be one of those pigeon carriers. You know, the ones that they use on river rafting trips. How it works is the rafters take pictures. At the end of their trip the place that rents the rafts will take your film and somehow attach it to the pigeon. They let the pigeon go and it flies back to the shop. While the people are in the vehicles driving back the shop develops the film so it's ready when they get back. I'm guessing Sara can fly faster than a pigeon and she can carry more film than in her suitcase than what a pigeon can.

Thanks for letting me win Ang. Did your Steelers do the same thing in week 1 when they got their @$$'s handed to them by the Ravens?

Where's my check Ang? I should be back to work for awhile sometime next month, hopefully. What I don't get is the power plants are still getting the same amount of money from us for our power bills but because of the economy they aren't doing the maintenance they normally do. Those plants need almost constant maintenance so it's gonna end up biting them in the bipee and then we will be overloaded with work and I'll never be home. If they aren't doing the maintenance I think our power bills should go down. Anybody wanna picket with me? Maybe Sara can fly over the smoke stack and drop something in it hoping it will break something so I can have some work. Just hold your breath Sara. Those are some nasty fumes!
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How many $'s worth of tickets should i buy?

Who is going to keep up with this?
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Why do i have to do everything?
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You don't have to do everything. Everyone buy tickets and send them to me. If we win I will let you all know.....
495284 tn?1333897642
And what will you be changing your name too!!!!!!!!!!
271792 tn?1334983257
You mean after I buy the new house, boat and car? Jones. Madeline Jones.
1253584 tn?1332881554
brian...ouch that hurt...lol yes they did win this one. i was there and am considered their lucky charm. So when we win the lotery im gonna need a big portion of that dough so i can buy the season tickets and sit in the suites so they can keep winning and head to the super bowl....

thank u n advance...u guys r the best
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I want you all to be watching the RAIDERS/vikings game on Nov.20th as i will be the one sitting on their laps(the Raiders laps since i know someone will have something smart to say!)  I will wave to all of you!!!  My daughter claims they dont have lap tickets but we will see..........
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what u do is get there early enough and go to the players parking lot. Then from there u casually start walking next to them and then b4 u know it ur on the bench with them. Did u see me this week i was the one on Wards lap the whole time. Y ya think he couldnt stop smiling? It was a good time and by good time i mean GOOD TIME...lmao..

R u gonna wear ur painted on raiders jacket tht day? u will for sure get their attention tht way..just an idea
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