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NFL Pool Week 2! Play Here. Games for Sun. Sept 19, Mon 20th

Im posting Week 2 a lil early, ya never know what may happen at my house to delay me so while I have time, gonna git r done, lol. Besides I'd like to make a habit of it- posting each weeks schedule on Wed's because sometimes there are THurs nite games (not this week, but) At any rate- here's week 2. Make your picks whenever, just make sure you have them in before Kickoff on Sunday! GOod luck

NFL Week 2
Sunday Sept 19, 2010

Buffalo @ Green Bay
Baltimore @ Cincinnati
Pittsburgh @ Tennessee
chicago @ Dallas
Philadelphia @ Detroit
Tampa Bay @ Carolina
Arizona @ Atlanta
Kansas City @ Cleveland
Miami @ Minnesota
Seattle @ Denver
St. Louis @ Oakland
Houston @ Washington
Jacksonville @ San Diego
New England @ New York Jets
New York Giants @ Indianapolis

Mon Sept 21
New Orleans @ San Fransico __________________tiebreaker

(remember, make sure your tiebreaker is your best guess at the TOTAL combined teams game score of the Mon. nite game, without going over the #, and make sure not to pick a # that someone else has already picked above yours)
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NFL Week 2
Sunday Sept 19, 2010

Buffalo @ Green Bay ---- Green Bay
Baltimore @ Cincinnati ---- Baltimore
Pittsburgh @ Tennessee ---- Tennessee
Chicago @ Dallas ---- Chicago
Philadelphia @ Detroit ---- Philadelphia
Tampa Bay @ Carolina ---- Tampa Bay
Arizona @ Atlanta ---- Arizona
Kansas City @ Cleveland ---- Kansas City
Miami @ Minnesota ---- Miami
Seattle @ Denver ---- Seattle
St. Louis @ Oakland ---- Oakland
Houston @ Washington ---- Houston
Jacksonville @ San Diego ---- Jacksoville
New England @ New York Jets ---- New England
New York Giants @ Indianapolis ---- New York Giants

Mon Sept 21
New Orleans @ San Fransico _______20___________tiebreaker ---- New Orleans
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Week 2   (winners)

Green Bay Packer
Cincinnati bengals
Tennessee Titans
Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles
Carolina Panthers
Kansas City Chiefs
Minnesota Vikings
Denver Broncos
St Louis Rams
Washington Redskins
Jacksonville Jaguars
New England Patriots
Indianapolis Colts

New Orleans Saints    Tiebreaker 38
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NFL Week 2
Sunday Sept 19, 2010

Buffalo @ Green Bay grenn bay
Baltimore @ Cincinnati baltimore
Pittsburgh @ Tennessee pittsburgh
chicago @ Dallas  dallas !!!
Philadelphia @ Detroit detroit
Tampa Bay @ Carolina  carolina
Arizona @ Atlanta arizona
Kansas City @ Cleveland kansas city
Miami @ Minnesota minnesota
Seattle @ Denver denver
St. Louis @ Oakland st.louis
Houston @ Washington washington
Jacksonville @ San Diego jacksonville
New England @ New York Jets new england
New York Giants @ Indianapolis indy

Mon Sept 21
New Orleans @ San Fransico __28________________tiebreaker new orleans
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Buffalo @ Green Bay          GB
Baltimore @ Cincinnati        Cincinnati
Pittsburgh @ Tennessee      Tennessee
chicago @ Dallas                Chicago  (what's this.... not capitalizing Chicago)!!
Philadelphia @ Detroit          Philly
Tampa Bay @ Carolina         Carolina
Arizona @ Atlanta                Atlanta
Kansas City @ Cleveland      K.C.      (sorry, that's for not capitlizing Chicago)
Miami @ Minnesota              Minnesota
Seattle @ Denver                  Seattle
St. Louis @ Oakland             St. Louis
Houston @ Washington         Houston
Jacksonville @ San Diego      San Diego
New England @ jets              New England
New York Giants @ Indy        Indy

Mon Sept 21
New Orleans @ San Fransico __________________tiebreaker
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Sorry...forgot Monday Night

1032715 tn?1315987834
I changed it on my copy and I don't even live there  LOL
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BMD -  LMAO! iM so very sorry I made a typo!! I have to handtype these up. I try to copy and paste from the various sites (NfL.com,  espn etc) but then it copies a bunch of HtmL crap that I cant get rid of. So I have to just copy the list on paper first then handtype them all so I apologize for that typo (and any others I made and will make in the future LOL). I assure you it was nothing personal against your BEARS! =)
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Buffalo @ Green Bay       Packers
Baltimore @ Cincinnati     RAVENS!!!!
Pittsburgh @ Tennessee   Titians  Sorry Corey
chicago @ Dallas              Cowboys
Philadelphia @ Detroit       Eagles
Tampa Bay @ Carolina      Carolina
Arizona @ Atlanta             Cards
Kansas City @ Cleveland   Chiefs
Miami @ Minnesota            Vikings
Seattle @ Denver               Broncos
St. Louis @ Oakland           Saint Louis
Houston @ Washington       Redskins
Jacksonville @ San Diego    Jags
New England @ New York Jets  New England
New York Giants @ Indianapolis   Colts

Mon Sept 21
New Orleans @ San Fransico _Saints_______36__________tiebreaker
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Buffalo @ Green Bay ........Buffalo
Baltimore @ Cincinnati .....Cinci
Pittsburgh @ Tennessee....Pittsburgh
chicago @ Dallas .............Da Bears
Philadelphia @ Detroit ......Detroit
Tampa Bay @ Carolina .....Tampa Bay
Arizona @ Atlanta ............Atlanta
Kansas City @ Cleveland...K.C.
Miami @ Minnesota ..........Minnesota Vikings and MR. Favre
Seattle @ Denver .............Seattle
St. Louis @ Oakland.........Oakland
Houston @ Washington ....Redskins
Jacksonville @ San Diego..J'Ville
New England @ New York Jets ..Jets
New York Giants @ Indianapolis.. Giants

Mon Sept 21
New Orleans @ San Fransico...... Saints       42____tiebreaker

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Deep down you are a Bears fan at heart and didn't even know it! You think addiction is rough, try being a Bears fan! LOL
1032715 tn?1315987834
LOL,Western Suburbs Tigers my rugby league team in Australia played last night in the semi-finals and beat the Canberra Raiders 26/24 if we win our game next week we'll be in the grand final,I so want us to beat St George/Illawarra next week because that's my husbands team.
Go Cincinnata Bengals!!!!!!!!!! now you know why I picked them,same mascot as my Aussie team
1047946 tn?1332611629
And hear I thought I had you cheering for my Bears!! Looks like I'm still the lone Bears fan here on the forum. Come on Denise.....I need a friend on here to help cheer them on!!
Good luck to your rugby team next week! I'll try and watch the game on the net. What night and time is it on? You'll have to give it to me in Central time!
1032715 tn?1315987834
I have no idea on the time difference there maybe if I tell you when it's on here someone might be able to let you know.I let you know as soon as I find out.
1253584 tn?1332881554
dont feel bad i think im the only steeler fan here!!!! : (

here we go steelers here we go!!!!
1032715 tn?1315987834
You know what's funny about that,the team my husband supports are called St George/Illawarra Steelers,so you're not the only one  LOL  
1374653 tn?1289243073
In this country, we call rugby "sandlot football"....because they play without helmets and pads, just like we did growing up.  That is truly a man's sport.
1032715 tn?1315987834
You can hear bones crunching when they tackle.
1253584 tn?1332881554
kinda helps i guess. : )
seriously.. is there ne pittsburgh steeler fans here? or am alone on this one?
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Buffalo @ Green Bay GB ugggggg
Baltimore @ Cincinnati  CIN
Pittsburgh @ Tennessee Ten
chicago @ Dallas DAL
Philadelphia @ Detroit PHI
Tampa Bay @ Carolina CAR
Arizona @ Atlanta ATL
Kansas City @ Cleveland KC
Miami @ Minnesota MIN
Seattle @ Denver DEN
St. Louis @ Oakland OAK
Houston @ Washington HOU
Jacksonville @ San Diego SD
New England @ New York Jets NE
New York Giants @ Indianapolis IND

Mon Sept 21
New Orleans @ San Fransico __________________tiebreaker SAINTS 44

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Buffalo @ Green Bay--Green Bay
Baltimore @ Cincinnati--Baltimore
Pittsburgh @ Tennessee--Pittsburgh
Chicago @ Dallas--Dallas
Philadelphia @ Detroit--Philly
Tampa Bay @ Carolina--Tampa
Arizona @ Atlanta--Arizona
Kansas City @ Cleveland--KC
Miami @ Minnesota--Miami
Seattle @ Denver--Denver
St. Louis @ Oakland--St. Louis
Houston @ Washington--Houston
Jacksonville @ San Diego--Jax
New England @ New York Jets--NE
New York Giants @ Indianapolis--Indy

Mon Sept 21
New Orleans @ San Fransico--New Orleans_______36______tiebreaker
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NFL Week 2
Sunday Sept 19, 2010

Buffalo @ Green Bay GB
Baltimore @ Cincinnati CIN
Pittsburgh @ Tennessee TEN
chicago @ Dallas  DAL
Philadelphia @ Detroit PHIL
Tampa Bay @ Carolina TB
Arizona @ Atlanta ATL
Kansas City @ Cleveland KC
Miami @ Minnesota MIN
Seattle @ Denver SEA
St. Louis @ Oakland OAK
Houston @ Washington HOUS
Jacksonville @ San Diego JAX
New England @ New York Jets  NE
New York Giants @ Indianapolis  COLTS

Mon Sept 21
New Orleans @ San Fransico ___NO ______47_tiebreaker

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NFL Week 2
Sunday Sept 19, 2010

Buffalo @ Green Bay...Packers
Baltimore @ Cincinnati...Bengals
Pittsburgh @ Tennessee...Titans
chicago @ Dallas........Chicago
Philadelphia @ Detroit....Eagles
Tampa Bay @ Carolina....Carolina
Arizona @ Atlanta......Arizona
Kansas City @ Cleveland....KC
Miami @ Minnesota.....Vikings
Seattle @ Denver......Denver
St. Louis @ Oakland...RAIDERS
Houston @ Washington....Redskins
Jacksonville @ San Diego...Chargers
New England @ New York Jets...Patriots
New York Giants @ Indianapolis...Indianapolis

Mon Sept 21
New Orleans @ San Fransico _____Saints______48_______tiebreaker
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Miami is out to get Favre today, and it appears to be working!!

Oh nice throw you putz......another interception at the goal line.
495284 tn?1333897642
The tribe has spoken and Favre has to go!!
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