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NFL Pool**Week 15**Thursday Night Game**

Picks are due in no later than opening kickoff Thursday night. Don't forget total points for the Monday Night Game. (If anyone needs some help here it is...the Bears are going to win 72-0 so just pick right around there for points. yea right!)
Thanks IBK for getting all of this ready for the week!!

WEEK 15:

Thursday, December 16

San Francisco at San Diego

Sunday, December 19:

Washington at Dallas
Buffalo at Miami
New Orleans at Baltimore
Arizona at Carolina
Jacksonville at Indianapolis
Cleveland at Cincinnati
Houston at Tennessee
Detroit at Tampa Bay
Philadelphia at NY Giants
Kansas City at St Louis
Atlanta at Seattle
Denver at Oakland
NY Jets at Pittsburgh
Green Bay at New England

Monday, December 20:

Chicago at Minnesota  Total Points ___
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Earth to Ang, Sarah & Narla!!!! Hello? None of y'all is getting any from Allen, so live with it. He is at the stadium, suited up and standing in 4 feet of snow. The last I saw of him there was a big 'ol Bear whooping on his bippee!!!
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He has a game to play tonight narla so go easy on him!!  I would stay and chat but Johnny is yelling for me!!!
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1253584 tn?1332877954
He told me, when he got up, that he was going out for milk...no wonder he has been gone so long....
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1032715 tn?1315984234
OK,I've just checked out Jared Allen and guess what,he is leaving on a plane in the morning,coming to Australia,so now what!!!!!!!!!!!  He's mine
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1253584 tn?1332877954
oh yea! he read me a bedtime story alright...lmao
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495284 tn?1333894042
I told him to read you a bedtime story~~~
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