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NFL Pool**Week 15**Thursday Night Game**

Picks are due in no later than opening kickoff Thursday night. Don't forget total points for the Monday Night Game. (If anyone needs some help here it is...the Bears are going to win 72-0 so just pick right around there for points. yea right!)
Thanks IBK for getting all of this ready for the week!!

WEEK 15:

Thursday, December 16

San Francisco at San Diego

Sunday, December 19:

Washington at Dallas
Buffalo at Miami
New Orleans at Baltimore
Arizona at Carolina
Jacksonville at Indianapolis
Cleveland at Cincinnati
Houston at Tennessee
Detroit at Tampa Bay
Philadelphia at NY Giants
Kansas City at St Louis
Atlanta at Seattle
Denver at Oakland
NY Jets at Pittsburgh
Green Bay at New England

Monday, December 20:

Chicago at Minnesota  Total Points ___
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It will be a fair game my friend.......No voodoo dolls for the players.  I wouldnt be able to really brag honestly about the win if i did that!!  I love the rivalry with the bears fans as it is so electrifying!!

I have seen Jared on MTV cribs and i love his crazy ways not to mention those cowboy boots with shorts!!!  LOL
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Lol..You must not have heard that Matt Ryan injured his throwing arm in practice and won't be playing Sunday or else we would all be talking about that!...

Talking about Jared Allen. My little sister's best friend married Jared Allen's best friend. They had their wedding here in Peoria IL and Jared was the best man. He is one funny guy! When they announced the wedding party he came flying out on a set of 30 year old roller skates! I was waiting for him to fall on his butt but he's a pretty good roller skater!
My sister's friend and husband live in Kansas City. They lived there together and Jared Allen was their roommate. Even after they got married he still lived with them for quite some time. I always wondered why he stilled lived in a two bedroom house with friends. Here's someone that recently signed a contract for over 8 million dollars a year and still lived with a married couple that were making around 50,000 a year. I know it was more of a friendship thing.  It was almost like he was one of their kids! I use to love looking at my sister's friend's facebook pictures. There were always some hilarious pictures of Jared Allen on there. You would see pictures of him with makeup on and just all around goofy pictures. I know part of the reason he lived with them was due to his 3 dui's and couldn't drive so my sister's friend had to drive him to practice everyday. After his third dui he quit drinking. I know at the wedding he didn't drink a drop. I'm not sure if he's still going without drinking but sure hope so. Just goes to show how many of us out there get wrapped up in substance abuse.
If you get a chance google his name and read about him. He is hilarious! He also donates his time and money to help out organizations. He went overseas to Kuwait and Iraq to visit the troops. Seems like he's a great person overall.

Sarah..please don't make any voodoo dolls of any of the Bears players. We really need this win!! After they got their butts kicked last weekend get ready to watch the Bears come out and hand it to the Vikings!!

By the way Pillfree....just kidding about Matt Ryan!!!!!
I sure hope the Vikings don't upset the Bears. This game is huge for the Bears just because they have the Packers to deal with in the division race. They also play the Pack the last game of the year. Who knows with the Bears though. It just depends on which team decides to show up and play.
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There still is a ton of talent on that team and one of these days it is all going to come together, i hope!!  Chicago has always been a huge rival as you know and my dad would come back and kick my a$$ if i didnt pick the Vikings for this one!!  I would love to go to this game as da Bear fans bring so much to the game.  They are diehards.  Chicago knows how to play outdoors in the cold so this could be interesting.......If bmdad was going to be there i would hunt him down, sit right next to him and taunt him!!!!!  LOL
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Both of the Quarterbacks for the Vikings are hurt (the Putz and T Jackson)....I guess you are picking with your eyes and your heart (for Jared Allen) and not your head!(smile).  They just may upset the Bears though..but don't tell bmdad I said that.
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ummm... who?
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Can we say Jared Allen??!!
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