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NFL Superbowl vs. Election?

What do you think would happen to our country if the Superbowl was held on the same day as Election day?  Just a curiosity/
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LOL   Big trouble. Maybe just the woman would be voting? Or the men would have to get up early to get to the polls.
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I would vote Joe Gibbs prez
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I'm sure not many would vote.....sad but probably true.
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It would be a real low turn out.
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What do you mean only women would vote?  I know this woman would be parked out in front of the polling place  VERY EARLY, cuz my happy a s s is not going to miss kick off for NOTHING!!!!!!!!
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OH, OH, OH,  then if opening the polls is the same time as kick off.....  
I hope to heck the polls are open late, other wise, I don't get to b i t c h for the next 4 years!!!
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It would likely be a bad idea, that is unless the game turns out to be one of those low scoring not really exciting ones...  But then again I don't really care much about football since I left Wisconsin...  I used to enjoy watching the Packer games with my dad.  Sorry Vikings! :P
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Chances are you'll probably get your chance to gripe for the next 4 years, regardless lol.

Why is it the best politicions don't run for president?  Could that be why they stay the best?

Oh btw if anyone lives in Minnesota, what do you think about all the mud-slinging going back and forth?

We have 3 parties going on and to be honest NONE of them I like at all!  We got Norm, the current "big oil" supporter... Then we got Al, the "Sexist, rapist" and then we have Dean, the "Anti Vet"

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Im not sure i could make it to the polls after the game either as i am usually so stuffed from all the food!!!!!!
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I think there would be a bunch of women voters down at the polls.....might even be better that way...LOL
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Glad to see some of you asnwering this light-hearted question.  Humor is a powerful drug, and it never hurts to add some to your diet.    Jow Gibbs Prez...mmmmmm! lol
I'd probably write in a cheerleader....couldn't be much worse than what we have right now!
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Actually, I'm surprised nobody went with the easiest, most sensible solution: request a mail-in ballot. I don't know about anyone else, but every time I go to vote, I always find items on the ballot I wasn't prepared for, such as removal or retention of judges, State initiates, etc. If you vote from home, you get your ballot well ahead of time, and can sit in the comfort of your home using the 'net to research every item on your ballot, rather than either leaving items blank or guessing at them. ;)

Then you can just mail back your ballot, and spend the week before the big game making *important* decisions, such as where to watch the game so you get the best snacks and halftime goodies. lol
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Mail in ballots are the only way to vote here in Oregon.....I think it makes perfect sense!  Also, it is one of the only states that can follow a paper trail if something happens to the electronic calculation of votes and a recount is ordered.  I agree with you michaelgc.
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Im with momeluv! I would have to go super early or i wouldnt have the right to b i t c h for the next 4 years. Cant go after as i tend to have some cocktails b4, during and after! LOL!! No drinking and voting .....i meen driving! LOL
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