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NFL Week 1 !!! Hey you Look Here- Come & Play with us!

Ok here is WEEK ONE for the NFL Pool Season 2010!!! WOOT WOOT!! Make your picks and be sure to put a tie breaker score in at the bottom for the final Monday night game which is used in the event of a tie of correct # of win picks by players here. Make sure you chose a different # than the others above yours. The tiebreaker # should be your guess of the COMBINED final game score of the two teams playing the last game Mon night. IF you have any more questions please post and ask. I often forget to tell people the full rules when I start this each year, LOL.  I tend to forget NEW people actually play this pool each year. And btw, this is just for fun, not money, lol.  Results will be posted on TUesday after I tally the scores up. (sometimes I dont get it posted immediately, busy with the kids, but since both mine started school this year I may actually get it posted more timely, we'll see, LOL)
Have fun and good luck to everyone. Lets have another great year in the pool! Its been fun every year, I love doing this! Are ya guys ready for some NFL FOOTBALL??? woot woot, Go Browns!!  =)

Week 1
Thurs Sept 9, 2010

Minnesota @ New Orleans

Sun Sept. 12

Carolina @ NY Giants
Atlanta @ Pittsburgh
Cleveland @ Tampa Bay
Denver @ Jacksonville
Indianapolis @ Houston
Miami @ Buffalo
Detroit @ Chicago
Oakland @ Tennessee
Cincinnati @ New ENgland
Arizona @ St. Louis
San Francisco @ Seattle
Green Bay @ Philadelphia
Dallas @ Washington

Mon Sept 13
Baltimore @ NY Jets
San Diego @ Kansas City  _________tie breaker

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Week 1
Thurs Sept 9, 2010

Minnesota @ New Orleans   -   Minnesota

Sun Sept. 12

Carolina @ NY Giants  -   Giants
Atlanta @ Pittsburgh   -   Pittsburgh
Cleveland @ Tampa Bay  -   Tampa Bay
Denver @ Jacksonville   -   Denver
Indianapolis @ Houston   -   Houston
Miami @ Buffalo   -   Buffalo
Detroit @ Chicago   -   Chicago
Oakland @ Tennessee   -   Oakland
Cincinnati @ New ENgland   -   Cincinnati
Arizona @ St. Louis   -   Arizona
San Francisco @ Seattle   -   Seattle
Green Bay @ Philadelphia   -   Philadelphia
Dallas @ Washington   -   Dallas

Mon Sept 13
Baltimore @ NY Jets   -   Baltimore
San Diego @ Kansas City  _10-22_ tie breaker   -   Kansas City

Let me know if I've done this right
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you picked right but for your tiebreaker, add the #'s together (makes it easier on me, Math is not my forte, Im a proofreader, words and spelling are my thing, despite my numerous typos I do myself,  LOL) so your tiebreaker would actually be just 32. You dont have to do a new post though, I'll add them correctly when I crunch the figures Tues Morning. Just letting you know for the next time to do it the other way. Welcome to the Pool, its great to have new people on board this year!
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Week 1
Thurs Sept 9, 2010

Minnesota @ New Orleans...........New Orleans

Sun Sept. 12

Carolina @ NY Giants........Giants
Atlanta @ Pittsburgh...........Steelers
Cleveland @ Tampa Bay......Tampa Bay
Denver @ Jacksonville..........Jacksonville
Indianapolis @ Houston........Indianapolis
Miami @ Buffalo..................Buffalo
Detroit @ Chicago...............Chicago
Oakland @ Tennessee.........RAIDERS
Cincinnati @ New ENgland...New England
Arizona @ St. Louis............Arizona
San Francisco @ Seattle....Seattle
Green Bay @ Philadelphia..Eagles
Dallas @ Washington........Washington

Mon Sept 13
Baltimore @ NY Jets........Jets
San Diego @ Kansas City  __38_______tie breaker .....Kansas City
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omg sara is playing this year!!! yay!!!! So happy to see you participate! I know you've always been a football fan but if I recall, you've never done the pool yet all these years!
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Yep i am playing!!  I played the first year we did this and just watched from the sidelines last year.....
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I don't know how to play but I want to. Do I pick the team that I want to win or that I think will win? And why does only the last game have a tie possibility ? Don't know alot about football but I still wanna play. I do all this from my Iphone I don't have a computer will that work? Is the list above the whole season or just two games? Please advise I am a football short buser.    Becca
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I just reread and saw that it says week one so please pretend I didn't ask that part ugh!
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Minnesota @ New Orleans .......Minnesota

Sun Sept. 12

Carolina @ NY Giants .......Giants
Atlanta @ Pittsburgh .........Steelers
Cleveland @ Tampa Bay.....Tampa
Denver @ Jacksonville ........Denver
Indianapolis @ Houston ......Indy
Miami @ Buffalo ................Miami
Detroit @ Chicago .............da bears
Oakland @ Tennessee .......Tenn.
Cincinnati @ New ENgland. New England
Arizona @ St. Louis...........Arizona
San Francisco @ Seattle ....49er's
Green Bay @ Philadelphia....Philly
Dallas @ Washington ..........Dallas

Mon Sept 13
Baltimore @ NY Jets......Baltimore
San Diego @ Kansas City  ___21______tie breaker K.C.
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becca you pick the teams that you think will win. Each week, I count up which person here got the most games picked correctly and that person wins for that week. I use the tie breaker for the last game in case more than one person gets the same amount of picks right that week. In that event, whoever is closest to the actual game score of the final game without going over, will win for that week. I then tally up everyones points by week and collectively keep their scores going. At the end of the wholes season, whoever has the most points wins the whole thing. Hope this helps!
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btw- you guys who have done this in the years past, go ahead and send PM's out to others if you want to invite them to play along again. They may not have logged on recently to see that the pool is up and going now. A few weeks ago I saw a post that implied a lot of people were intending to play this year
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Tennessee??  Whats up with that?!!  LOL

Its on my friend~~~~~
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Carolina @ NY Giants NYG
Atlanta @ Pittsburgh  PIT
Cleveland @ Tampa Bay CLE
Denver @ Jacksonville DEN
Indianapolis @ Houston IND
Miami @ Buffalo BILLS WOO HOO
Detroit @ Chicago CHI
Oakland @ Tennessee TEN, sorry MP lol
Cincinnati @ New ENgland NE
Arizona @ St. Louis ARI
San Francisco @ Seattle SF
Green Bay @ Philadelphia PHI
Dallas @ Washington DAL blah

Mon Sept 13
Baltimore @ NY Jets BAL
San Diego @ Kansas City  _________tie breaker SD 31

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Im shocked!!  LOL

Your going to be sorry!!  Its the year of the Raiders.....
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Sorry dear,................ Okland dosen't have it!!!!

Whats up with you and New Orleans?? .................Don't you know Farve will be back @ the last minute?? HA!
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Cincinnati will win!!!!!!!!
Avatar universal
Tampa Bay
New England
San Fransisco

Mon 13th
San Diego 29-10
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I can figure out how to get drugs in any country in the world but a damn football poll is to hard for me WTF. I am just gonna pretend that this is dumb and I don't want to play anyway.
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Minnesota @ New Orleans new orleans

Sun Sept. 12

Carolina @ NY Giants ny giants
Atlanta @ Pittsburgh   pittsburgh
Cleveland @ Tampa Bay tampa bay
Denver @ Jacksonville denver
Indianapolis @ Houston indianapolis
Miami @ Buffalo miami
Detroit @ Chicago chicago
Oakland @ Tennessee tennessee
Cincinnati @ New ENgland cincinatti
Arizona @ St. Louis arizona
San Francisco @ Seattle seattle
Green Bay @ Philadelphia green bay
Dallas @ Washington dallas

Mon Sept 13
Baltimore @ NY Jets new york jets
San Diego @ Kansas City  _28________tie breaker san diego
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Minnesota @ New Orleans

Sun Sept. 12

Carolina @ NY Giants ..Giants
Atlanta @ Pittsburgh ...Steelers
Cleveland @ Tampa Bay    Tampa Bay
Denver @ Jacksonville ....Denver
Indianapolis @ Houston  ....Colts
Miami @ Buffalo   tuff one!  Dolphins   sorry giz
Detroit @ Chicago    Bears
Oakland @ Tennessee    Tenn
Cincinnati @ New ENgland    New England
Arizona @ St. Louis   Cards
San Francisco @ Seattle   Seattle
Green Bay @ Philadelphia   GBay
Dallas @ Washington   Cowboys

Mon Sept 13
Baltimore @ NY Jets  WHOO HOOO RAVENS!!!!
San Diego @ Kansas City  SD _________tie breaker  24
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beatingthis, your going against my Bills? Ok then, now it's my turn to teach you a lesson haha.
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Week 1
Thurs Sept 9, 2010

New Orleans

Sun Sept. 12

NY Giants
Tampa Bay
Indianapolis Go Colts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New ENgland
San Francisco
Green Bay

Mon Sept 13
San Diego @ Kansas City  ___38______tie breaker
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Favre is a putz.......he will take one good hit and that will be that.  He is overpaid and has an ego the size of Texas.....Minnesota needs to get rid of coach Childres too.  He is also a putz.

My grandson did get Adrian Petersons autograph on his cap!!  He was over the top excited!!

I got my #69 Jared Allen jersey this year so i am ready but Favre has to go.....
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That was a tuff call. I hope your Bills win but I would not bet money on it lol!
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Minnesota @ New Orleans  Saints      forgot 1  :)
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