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Nascar Drivers

OK, I am Dale Sr fan, I thought he was so hot, fun to look at and fearless. I took his death very hard, cried to two weeks and couldn't mention his name, but of course I have to stay in the family so now Dale Jr is my boy..... also being from Indiana I have Tony Stewart. too.. Hubby likes Jeff Gordon...can't go there but now it's y'alls turn....
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I like Mark Martin.  Won 35.00 on him back in 95 or something.  I like his dark sunglasses and the way he just gets out there and does his thing.  Men with dark sunglasses make me wonder what they are lookin at!!!!!!!  
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I'm a big Jr. fan myself.  Used to always go to my ex-inlaws house on Sundays and was always sure to take a newspaper with me.  They watched nascar everyday and I could never understand how they would watch cars go around in circles...so I would read.  Anyways, finally bit the bullet one Sunday at my own house, determined to watch a race start to end.  That race happened to be Jr.s first cup win.  Yeah, guess I'm "girlie" because I was so stuck on the fact of a young guy getting his first win and then on that day...watching his dad running across the track to embrace his son on his first win.  I was hooked from that day.  Jr. always has been my fav and loves his personality and attitude..for racing and life (or what he shows up anyways).  Needless to say...I've hardly every missed a race since then...and yea it has to be a darn good reason for me to do so..lol.

Mark Martin is also one who I can't help to give some cheers for...for reasons which I don't think I need to explain to any nascar viewers...i think most get it, lol
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you are my Best friend, saw that race, well  I see all of them, we schedule family outings around Nascar...Am kind of sad, this week is the brickyard and am not there in the stand yell for my boy...

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Not into the nascar thing but dragracing.yes. my dad raced a dragster when i was growing up so its in my blood. it was instilled into my brain to watch a car go 300 plus MPH in a 1/4 mile in 4 seconds instead of circles for 3 hours! LOL!! The nascar track in Joliet, IL is 5 minutes from my house though so i have been out to tailgate though. you nascar fans know how to have a good time!!
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