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New med for me

I was prescribed Robaxin today because I might have pulled a muscle in my back or a pinched nerve or something, we won't know 'til the x-ray results come back. Is Robaxin addictive at all?
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I was prescribed robaxin 3 months ago.  I have chronic pain and a failed back surgery.  My DOC was hydrocodone.  I liked the uppers, not downers.  

It's highly unlikely that I'll ever become addicted to this.  I hate the way it brings me down and makes me sleepy.  But when the burn kicks in, it does relieve.  I just cant take when working or driving.

I had gotten a bottle of 60, and I probably still have 50 in 3 months.

Give it a shot if you know you won't like downers.  It's good relief.
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That's kind of what I was wondering-the test results aren't even back yet. I think I'm gonna hold off for awhile...cat
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Robaxin is a very mild muscle relaxer.  Comparing it to soma would be like comparing tylenol #3 to percocet.
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Oops, sorry, this might be on the wrong side...=/
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