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To All:
Today is my one year anniversary here on MedHelp..It just dawned on me when I seen my screen name. My name is Newgirl, not, Smartgirl ;) At any rate, as I take a quick reflection at the past 365 days, and although I struggle with my demons, I am so very greatful to have found this arena. Before 02-07-08, I had never before this 'chatted' online with anyone. I've never before discussed my issues or addictions with anyone in my life. Somehow, I stumbled here and haven't left. I visit everyday...mostly lurking lately, but sometimes chime in. I have made friendships that I'm sure will last a lifetime. I've never felt so good about a bad thing before and it's all because of you guys, my 'cyber friends' here on MedHelp. What I mean by that is, with this addiction, there is no one in my world that I can confide in or identify with, so with that, I am comforted by all of you here. I have learned so much. Things I never knew about addiction and what part it plays in my life. We all nod in unison when someone says: I can't believe I did that again! or Have you ever? and there's: Yeah!! I did it!! too. Pick one, they all apply.
If I'm on the wagon or under it, monkey on my back or the monkey driving the wagon, doesn't matter, *well it does* but you know what I mean, I know I can count on all of you for support, guidance, opinions and prayer whenever I call.
Thank you for that.
God Bless all of you, no matter where you are on your journey.
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Happy 1 year anniversary.....It doesn't seem like a year, but you are a lurker...pop out and pick on me every once in a while.  Although we don't talk much I think your cool, you have a great sense of humor......

We have had times on this journey for sure, some fun, some sad, some frustrating, but always end up with a laugh somehow.....we have too.

I am always glad to see you pop-out and give taunt me with images of Stamos.  You can keep Springsteen........

Thanks for the notes that are so sweet, that make me smile, and lmao sometimes.


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Thank you Nauty Gurl!! Muah! Right back at ya...

Sometimes I feel like an 'ol grandma with all the newbies here...there are so many new ones. So many stories and struggles, however, hope springs eternal for them. They have such promise. Bright futures are within their reach...keep on keepin' on.

Have a good night...still raining here...gotta check on that canoe...Stamos is growing impatient...he's cute when he's angry...
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Happy Anniversary ! ..........and many more.   Hugs,  Mary
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happy Anniversary, what an accomplisment...1 year, 365 days wow!
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Hey NG, Happy Anniversary and I am glad you are here. There is nothing wrong with lurking, it is sort of like being the quite one in the room.
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Happy Anniversary Newgirl!!!!!          sara
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Happy Anniversary! I am not sure how long, I think going on two years but do not remember. (My old and feeble mind cannot hold it all) lol
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Mary, Smom, Vic, Sara and Teko....
Big hugs and muah's to you too!!!! Thank you for your thoughts and being good friends...
Much Love to you All!!
ng... ;)
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