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No walking and texting? Is that the next law?

Check out this video. The lady hired an attorney and is now trying to sue. I know she was humiliated but trying to sue? Come on!! If she was driving and texting and crashed into a lake would she have the right to sue? No way. It's nobody's fault but her own. Only in America can you sue over an incident that you caused. There needs to be stipulations and laws on when you can and cannot sue. What legal cause does she have?

How's that Jeff Foxworthy song/video go? Oh yeah............Here's your sign.

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I saw the video the other day, what a numskull. I can almost guarantee she texts and drives. It's stupid lawsuits like this that drive insurance costs sky high. I hope the judge points and laughs at her for being stupid.
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Lol......I laughed my @ss off as well. Can you imagine being in the mall walking behind her and seeing this! I guess I would have been getting sued also because I wouldn't have been able to peel myself off of the floor from laughing so hard. I would have had to jump in the fountain myself to clean up after peeing my pants.

I bet the security guards have just about worn the tape out from rewinding and watching over and over again.

Wonder how long it will take for the mall to put up a railing around it. That fountain has probably been there for many years with no incidents and this lady is trying to pass blame or just make a quick buck. If I was owner of the mall I would fine her for swimming in it.

If that would have been me I would watch it over and over again saying, "what a moron"!

This case better get thrown out. She said the reason she's going to sue is because the security guards didn't rush to her aid. She jumped out of it so fast they didn't have time to rush to her aid. You are already famous for being an idiot. Isn't that good enough? Now you want to make yourself look like a bigger idiot by trying to sue?  Go home, take a shower, dry your clothes and call it a day.
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LMAO,sue the mall for being an idiot,maybe she'll sue the phone company too,oh and the people who put the fountain in the wrong place,
No wonder insurance premiums are so high,and as for security,c'mon,who wouldn't have laughed.
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Im sorry but that is SOOOO funny!!!!!! LOL

Not sure what she thinks she is going to get but she gave me a good laugh
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I just saw this on a talk show this morning. She is suing because she said the security guys all started laughing and didn't rush to help her right away. Well heck, it WAS funny, she was not hurt and she got right up on her own! But I am sure there is some ambulance chaser out there that will take the case and she may win. Sad....
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