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Not Chronic Pancreatitis Afterall!!!!

I saw my gastro doctor and he says that he does NOT think I have chronic pancreatitis like my family doctor thought.  He said that my lipace levels were not high enough and that the pain and bloating does not indicate that, plus the MRI shows that everything in that region looks good.  He thinks that maybe there is something wrong near the connection sites from my gastric bypass.  So, he has me scheduled for an endoscope on Nov. 11th.  But, I've decided to keep eating the way I've been because I have more energy and I'm losing more weight!!!  I've lost 14 lbs. already!!!  

The bad news today was that for my chronic pain I am not allowed to use ibuprofen or exedrine or aspirin at all anymore!!!  It's dangerous following the gastric bypass.  Tylenol does nothing for my chronic pain - this is frustrating and discouraging.  UGH!!!

At least I won't die anytime soon from pancreatitis!!!  LOL!!!!
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The endoscope has been changed to November 7th instead.  So, that's good, it's sooner rather than later!!!!

Because I don't have pancreatitis, I decided to eat what my family had for dinner last night - ribeye steak.  I only ate a small portion, but today my stomach is hurting like it did before.  So, I guess I need to stick to the sweet potatos, black beans, garbonzo beans, protein drinks, bananas and the SF/FF pudding I've been eating.  That's not too bad because I'm losing weight eating this way!!!  Oh well, I was hoping I could eat the meat!!!!  Oh well!!!!
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Glad to heaar, stay healthy, i'll say some prayers for you!
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so glad to  hear you dont have pancreatitis...hope everything else turns out okay.  i will continue to pray.
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glad to hear that report hunny! i hope everything goes well on the 11th...ill defianlty b prayin for ya sweetie!!! lots of luck comming your way!!! ~~~HUGS~~~ JENZ
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