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Not a ? a sugestion

OK music soothes the savage best and when im down I crank up Southern Rock like Skynard, CCR,ZZ Top anything like that I would love to set a day aside for everyone to put on thier favorite music and CRANK IT UP and we can have the party heard round the would. JUst a thought!!!
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lol i love that idea!!! my favourite band is called take that, i am also a huge bonjovi fan, name the day and i will crank it up :-)
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I have so many different kinds of music..just depends on what mood I'm in...Stevie Ray Vaughn.. ZZ Top..Fergie..Pink...The Guess Who..some Skynard...all kinds...I rock out nearly every night while I on PC.  You would not believe my library of music..even a little country...LOL Lets do it! You pick a date and we can rock out...
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Three Dog Night..Tom Petty...Janis Joplin...I love Tom Petty...
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Grateful Dead, Allmans, Skynard, SRV..some classical, blues, bluegrass

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ok memorial day weekend we have got to ROCK and to JIM im a dead head, and from WV and love my bluegrass, so its set pass the word BAR-B-Q and music THE PARTY HEARD ROUND THE WORLD !!!!!!!!!
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OK then!
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When i am down i crank up either some Led Zeppelin or some Pink Floyd..but southern rock works well too
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