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One more question. Buspar

After a lot of research I decided not to take Cymbalta. You guys helped with that a lot! (((Hugs))) I talked to my doctor and she said to try Buspar. So once again I'm asking for advice. Does anyone take Buspar and Suboxone together? If you don't take Suboxone and only take Buspar I would still like some feedback. Please help! I need something for depression and anxiety because I have been through HELL the last few weeks. I will explain all of that later. It's why I haven't posted here in a while. Love you guys! Ggin35
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Take 5htp for depression, it works as good as Buspar for most people with no side effects.  Buspar and other anti-depressants are more or less serentonin boosters, and 5htp converts to serentonin in the brain.. Get the book "The Mood Cure" by Julia Ross and take the quiz to see what you need to lift your depression naturally.. It might be worth a shot..
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