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Oxypen where are you?

I have been concerned about oxypen for 2 days now.  Has anyone heard from her?
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I'm herer, for a moment anyway.  I'm leaving, just cleaning up my profile.  I can't dp this and am far too busy to be sick all the time.  I apologize for those peopel who tried to help and fpr those who gave up on me.  I won't be abck so don't message me any more
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Wow, that was pretty rude!!!!!  I know how much all of these people helped you.  I was following your post every day. You are giving Canadians a very bad name.
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I don't think you have to worry about people messaging you anymore.  It's sort of like the fable "The boy that cried wolf", don't you think?  You received alot of support from this forum and probably would still find support here, but I agree with newhope61.
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Who the hell made you God to speak to someone in the middle of a crisis like that.  You are giving yourself a bad name........ to you..........I am blunt and to the point , but that was just ****** up

shame on you & Babs.........Don't know if you both have beaten your demon, if not ...Karma.......thats all i have to say.
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I haven't beaten my demon, but Ii never blame my relapses on anyone and I am grateful for any help and support received.  For someone to say "don't message me anymore" seems to be quite rude after all the help and support she received.  And from reading your posts, I don't think you always say the right thing but it's your opinion and everyone is entitled to one.
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umm.......oxy could have just left, but looks like she is still on the forum and cares enuf to "clean-up" her profile?  I would think, if you were "done", you would not even bother w/the website.  20 bucks she's back in a few days......anyone...anyone?  

Because of all the caring people on this site, she will be welcome with open arms.  

Welcome back oxypen, ahead of time ;)    Victoria
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Almost everone here falls of the wagon...I know I do.  Good luck!
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I am right there with you!!!  I would never be rude to the ones that helped so much, gave all their time, even if i would relapse, still no need for rudness!!

you are right about opinions, they are like assholes everyone has one!!!  Just some smell worst then others..

But hey just my opinion!
God bless those struggling today!
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My head hurts as many times I've fallen off!!  Going to my first NA meeting tonight, a route I have yet to try.  Has NA worked for anyone else?
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I am no angel......And, I say a lot of things that people don't  like or think is right.  I have been down right mean at times when I was tapering and withdrawals, and Im sure you were just a happy camper when you were suffering........whatever......talk to the hand.

mean, mean, mean,...........karma

ps........something smells real bad right now..............and it ain't me..........
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You  are right on the money you have said some down right mean things,,,,,, That were not necessary nor is this. I am sorry you don't agree with babs opinions but guess what she is still entitled to them.....You want to throw your opinion in, that's fine you did the first time .Why the need to try to continue drama. ....let it go
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I am educated enough to know the difference between an opinion and an attack.  

Enough said........
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If you do come back and read this.  You have to much going for you to give up.  You got tired of living from on pill to the next.  You will get tired of it again.  You made it 5 days.  Next time you could make it 5 months or 5 years.  You profile said that you had gone 8 and 10 years clean.  Sorry, to hear that you gave up on yourself, because no one on this forum gave up on you.  All I saw was support.
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I agree with Nauty. It was an attack more than an opinion.
I'm new at writing but I have been reading you guys for a while. The courage here allowed me to start my taper program. I vote we keep the mean spirited comments aimed at anyonperson to a one on one email if you feel it can't be let go. It really distracts from why everyone is here to do a posting . I get mean and nasty at times, but usually it's because I am SO desperate for help that I can't think straight anymore. Perhaps that is what is going on. I hope oxypen comes back and gives it another shot. I also hope everyone here can forgive each other and get back to the reason we are here....which is to kick the pill popping.

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please let all of us in recovery continue to support one another. it does no good to attack each other...over anyone. i will continue to support anyone who is honest and respectful of others and the time and energy that everyone gives. not just one person but every single one. it serves no one to talk to others about others to fulfill ones own needs. especially if untruths are told. this is a wonderful forum and there are wonderful people here. sobriety to each and all of us, even if it is a difficult road. i hope everyone is welcome all the time. we all do nutty things when we are using..just the nature of the beast. lets just not react to the beast.....peace out
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Isn't this just a classic behavior of an addict:getting other people emotionally envolved and then blaming them for their own failure?
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I apologize for causing all of this trouble.  You are all right, was taking my failure out on you and that was wrong.  I'm not going to do this now, I jut cna't. I know you all tried to help but there is just no way i can c/t like that, i thought i was going to die.  Maybe again some day I'll be back.  And again, I'm so sorry
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Hi Oxypen..I'm so glad you're still around. You know..nobody ever said that you have to be clean, or in the process of getting clean to post and get advice here. I will always be here to help in any way you need me. You know what? I don't think I know of anyone here who got through this on the first try. So, that means you need a different plan next time. Why not try now to get a prescription for clonidine? It will help more than you know. Get the clonidine..and start a taper. The taper will make the wd's much easier to tolerate..and, will help even more with the clonidine. You know you'll eventually have to try again..so start reading, posting, and educating yourself. It's the best defense you have. Let me know if I can be of any help..you know how to message me..God bless..
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