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Ok, so I have noticed that MANY OF US are parents and keeping our kids entertained can be a HUGE challenge especially on cold, dreary, or rainy days when they can't run around outside!! That being said, I thought it would be fun (call me crazy) to SHARE some of the ways we've found to keep our kiddos entertained. I am the PROUD mommy of 4 (3 teens and a tween (as he likes to call himself, HE'S 10)! I don't let my teenagers run the roads so Ive had to be inventive over the years!! LOL! So, first thing I will share will be posted below! I look forward to seeing what we can all come up with!!!

Love, Rosy
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My daughter loves to sing and dance and makes amazing videos of herself.  Sometimes I do the videos, but they are never as good as hers.  
She loves to snuggle up and watch a movie, play the Wii, and we play cards or board games.  We just got Headbanz which is so much fun.  
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SLIME FIGHTS is something we all get down with in my house and we ALL know how to make it! Its super fun but NOT for your white room! Its fairly easy to clean up and you can't replace the laughs!

Easy Homemade Slime Recipe

2 parts cornstarch
1 part water
Food coloring (we do fun 80’s neon colors mostly)

Mix in a large bowl, using your hands. Don’t add too much water. Slime should not be runny but can be made to whatever consistency you like best. Use food coloring. If your slime gets too hard, a small amount of water can be added.
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Somehow I don't think my cats would be impressed...rofl (my kids are fuzzy with four legs)
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Me too IBK! They would look at me like I was nuts. Rosy, I don't have any of my own, but have had many 'adopted' kids of friends over the years. This time of the year it's always fun to get in the kitchen and bake sugar cookies then let everyone decorate them. Also making holiday candy and even homemade ornaments is fun. This may not be anything your older kids would like (might not be cool enough for them!), but I still love doing this at 34!
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So are mine, IBK. I never had kids of my own, however, I have lots of Nieces & Nephews. I took care of them a lot when they were little.

I had, still do, a big plastic garbage bag of Legos. All kinds of misc pieces. I would clear the floor and dump the bag of Legos out. I would hold contests for the tallest construction, the craziest construction, the most creative, the prettiest, you name it. I would award prizes for the winners. Sometimes, the prizes were $5 or candy, or a small toy. The kids loved it, and it kept them busy for hours! We always took pictures of the winners and their creation! Good times, and great memories!
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My son is 4 and he LOVES Legos....he's obsessed with them.  He goes in his room to play with them (he has to, otherwise his little 15 month old sister will get them, and well, choking hazard!) and he will be in there forever building all sorts of stuff! He lines everything up that he makes and calls me when he's done...he's always SO proud of his creations! :)
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Again, I ask ya'll, have you ever stepped on one of those things.. LMAO
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You bet I have...damn things anyways! Hence the reason I always wear slippers in the house...learned the hard way! ;)
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Yes, I've stepped on them, I've accidentally vacuumed them up, and I've picked them up out of the carpet for days after! LOL! It's still fun. Ya just gotta be careful.
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I have stepped on Legos. I have the indent on the hell of my left foot to prove it..not fun at all. I blame my nephew..lol
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Legos are demons hiding in the carpet!!!!
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LMAO!!!! Legos!!!

I will admit when I don't particularly care for someone but my kids love their kids (u know how that goes) PLAY DOUGH was the gift Id Always give their kids!! LMAO!!! That stuff can get EVERYWHERE and can be a beast to get outta some things! LMAO
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Ok kbusymom, its official we are the same person and so are our daughters lol! She has always been a singer dancer superstar lol!

Also she has a big dress up box like all divas need lol! We have 2 huge boxes of art supplies, and she even has an art easel. But even just coloring books are good distractions! Of course movies and cartoons are good chill things.

With the holidays, they can help decorating, making cool cookies, cookie cutters and sparkles and sprinkles and all! They can make different ornaments or decorations.

We love big dance parties together! We like to read together. There's always fun kitchen stuff, me and my daughter love to cook! She even has 3 little kitchens of her own!

Playdates with other kids are always good. Gives kids something to do besides drive parents crazy lol!

And I would love more suggestions too, only so much we can do to keep the kids busy and us parents sane lol!
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