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Pain Management Question

Since this is the social side and Im an addict, Im thinking I can post this here. I dont want to post in the pain management forum because Im an addict and have different restrictions. My question is has anybody ever had a Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injection and if so, did it help? Or...does anybody know someone whose had one and if so, what were there results?

I have chronic knee pain...Ive been in physical therapy since last stinking year! I bought a TENS machine...I ice....heat....NSAID's....I use all the hocus pocus...snake oil...blah blah....NADA works! So...here I am thinking whats my next move.

PRP injections cost anywheres from $500-$6000. Athletes get them all the time and are back on the field...but insurance doesn't cover it (To my knowledge) Before I break the bank...I need to hear from somebody that they have an Uncles cousins sisters boyfriends mom who tried it and it worked.

Thanks for being social with me.


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Hahaha!! Toothy that made me giggle something fierce! ;)
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I have never known anyone who has done this. Only heard of the athletes that do it and I know they seem to have good results. I'll be very interested to see if anyone around here has had this done, or at least knows someone who has. It's not an option for me, as I don't have the dinero to fund something like this! Would this be for your back issues?
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No...it would be for my left knee. I have a retinaculum tear with chronic tendonitis.

My back has been ok for some time now (knock on wood) thanks to injections and PT.
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It does cost a lot...I may look for a clinical trial to get in or something. How have you been by the way?
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WOW! That's EXPENSIVE! dang... Wish I knew something about it! but alas, I DONT! Interested to see the responses you get tho! I LOVE the meditating cat! That's GREAT!
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That would be great if you could do something like that! (I never think of stuff like clinical trials and I should because I don't have insurance, and suffer from several health issues.)  I have been ok. Having anxiety and sleep issues. That's pretty normal for me though. Getting ready to watch some football! How have you been?
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Ah yes...kickoff! Ive been good...counting my blessings. Im in my last semester of college and taking dreaded Albegra. Its been keeping me busy.

Clinical trials are good as long as your not in the pilot and get into the phase 2 or 3. That way you know if anybody from the pilot got messed up.

Hopefully someone comes along thats heard something on the PRP injections. Ive read some on the internet but Id rather her from my MH peeps.
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Haha!! I hated Algebra! I had a 4.0 in college and Algebra screwed it all up. My brain is not oriented towards advanced math. Good luck with it! ;)
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4.0! Check you out!
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I had a 4.0 in recess...
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HAHAHA!!  glad it made you smile Ang!  
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Never knew anyone to have that done, but was wondering the same as well, does it work? let us know what you find out
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Yes, platelet rich plasma helps because a lot of serotonin "hangs out" in our platelets (also our nervous system and brain). Our platelets are packed with it and serotonin is one of the chemicals that give us that deep down feeling that everything is ok... Our "sense of well being".
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