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Pray for Baby P...please

I dont know if you guys hear about British news, but here right now, it is all over the news about a baby that was recently tortured to death by his mother and step-father over a period of time.
'Baby P' was taken to hospital on many occassions and the hospital failed to see he had 8 broken ribs and a broken spine. Causing him to be paralized from the waist down. They didnt do tests because they thought he was just 'aggitated'.
He was placed on the 'at risk' register through Social Services many months before when an injury, but they also failed to save this poor baby.
At the time of death he had his ear partially torn away from his head that had been there a while as it was trying to heal itself. The skin attaching his lip to his gums had been ripped away from his lip, he had DEEP cuts to his head that were begining to heal and resembled teeth marks from a dog. 2 Black eyes, his finger nails had been ripped out and the poor liitle man had bruises all over his body!
How could we fail this baby?!?!

I am asking everyone to say a little prayer for Baby P and hope he is now in a happy place and given the love he needed.
We are so sorry for failing you Baby P, Rest In Peace little man!
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That is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooO SICK! I'm praying for you Baby P. May you be with God the Father and his son JESUS and rejoice in his love for you . GOD bless you Baby P. in JESUS name May he comfort you and love you froever!
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God looked around his garden
And found an empty place,
He then looked down upon the earth
And saw your tired face.
He put his arms around you
And lifted you to rest.
God's garden must be beautiful
He always takes the best.
He knew that you were suffering
He knew you were in pain.
He knew that you would never
Get well on earth again.
He saw the road was getting rough
And the hills were hard to climb.
So he closed your weary eyelids
And whispered, 'Peace be Thine'

Sleep tight wee man!
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this makes me sick to my stomach and i cant even think of a punishment severe enough for the inhuman beasts who did this to him. that poor, poor baby =((((((
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RIP baby, you are now with our heavenly father who loves and cherishs you.

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This has bothered me since we talked about it last week.  The baby is at peace finally and has his angel wings now.  I can only hope that the people that let that little boy down get what they have coming.  As for the so called parents........cant write it here.
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This is so sad,my heart is breaking,how can anyone harm a child.There are systems supposed to be in place to protect them,why do they fail so often.My prayers are with that precious little soul.Although it's all so devastating I take comfort in  knowing that he's in a better place now,full of love and free from pain and despair.God sent His angels to wrap their loving arms around that sweet baby and carry him home,he's finally at peace.God Bless you Baby.P. in Jesus name.
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This toddler died in bloodstained clothing, little trousers which on another child might be caked with mud, were splattered with blood while a brightly-coloured top to protect his upper body was more like a shroud to temporarily hide the horrific injuries being meted out on him over eight long months. A 240-day period of Hell which saw a lively young boy with his life ahead of him to look forward to, turn into a sullen and silent, troubled toddler, crawling around his garden eating mud, silent because he was terrified to make a noise.

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The monsters that did that to that poor child should be tortured every day, the same way this child was, for the rest of their pathetic stinking lives.
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How awful!  I just don't know how people can look themselves in the mirror after doing something so horrible! The poor baby!!!  I am thankful to know that he is now in the arms of a kind, loving Heavenly Father!  

I only hope the parents are appropriately punished!  They deserve to have the book thrown at them and put away for a very long time, if not the death penalty!  

A baby is so sweet and innocent!!!  I just can't understand this!!!
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My heart weeps for Baby P. RIP sweet baby....
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I feel sick....and feel tears welling....That poor baby.

I'd love an hour alone with his parents..
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OH Dear God,This is pure evil! I pray that the people who this burn in hell.
And they will,There is a GOD,And now he has another ANGEL.
RIP Baby
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How absolutely horrible...rest in peace in the presence of the Father....forever more free of pain and suffering.

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I pray for all the children who are still alive and being abused. In my job I have had to report several cases of abuse. It's unfortunate that the DFS only requires these parents of horrible crimes against children to attend classes and go without thier child for a short time before they are back in the abuse again. Yesterday I reported parents that have a 3 year old son who has little black stubs for teeth and have access to free dental. I tried for several months to volunteer to drive the distance at my expense to the free dentist. But the child is not thier priority. So I reported. Of course most children I report for are taken out of my life because the as**** DFS let it leak in most cases who reported. then parents who abuse seek those who don't report.
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God saw him getting tired
and a cure was not to be
So he put His arms around him
And Whispered, "Come with me"

With tearful eyes
We watched him suffer
And saw him fade away.
Although we loved him dearly
We could not make him stay.

A Golden heart stopped beating,
Hard working hands rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us,
He only take the best.
Good Night Sweet Prince

Flights of Angels

Sing Thee to thy rest….

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and you wonder why the Brits havent a death penalty especially in these kind of cases.
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Sorry, I do not agree with the death penalty for these abusers. Whoa, don't jump me. The death penalty would be too easy for them. Take them out and torture them slow and hard every day for even longer than they tortured this poor innocent child. Working in ER's and also in doing home healthcare, I came across situations such as this but neveras horrible.  In a rural area, I can never remember a time when we just suspected abuse that it wasn't reported to DFACS. Granted, the results were not always what we had hoped for, but our small town town nurses were persistent. Not because we were not busy, but because we followed thru on an oath we took. In my opinion, the staff at the medical facilities are somewhat just as much guilty. I do not care how busy they were. They were not dealing with cars on an assembly line. If a part was left off, they could go back and replace when inspected and error was revealed- possibly no harm done. In this case and in any medical situation, we deal with human lives. When you start with a patient, do not let them out door until they have been completely taken care of. My last job was a hospice nurse. I was terminated partly because I spent too much time with my paatients. I was their advocate. I never left a pt home and left them with something bothering them. Back to the isue. Not sure if you can see how my blood is boiling right now, but man it is. Abuse to children and adults ranks right up there with murder in my book. Because all to many times it ends in murder as did this innocent child's did. I can not begin to imagine how the staff that had attended to  or should I say failed to attend to Baby P, must feel now. They can't point the finger and say it was the result of negligence on someoneelse that had eval. the child. Each one that saw and not followed through, they have the blood of this child on their hands. May God have mercy on them. I am sure if they have a conscious, they will be plagued each day. Hopefully this will make each of us that are in situations where our jobs involve exposure to these things, open our eyes and look for warning signs. So what we make a mistake and there is no abuse. But if we close our eyes, and think if there is abuse someone else will see and report, there may not be someone else. We must be the ONE. I was so low today thinking about my son and him not being here especially during a season he loved so dearly. Not because of the gifts but because of what Christmas meant to him. The true meaning of Christmas. LOVE and GIVING . Loving someone so much that you give the most precious thing that you have. I must say I have risen out of my dark hollow if only for a moment. Hopefully it will be for longer. When I see others are worse than me , I feel guilty for feeling sorry for myself. Sad to say, I bet to venture that the same thing is occurring here in America. If only once, that is too much. What can we do? Plenty. Speak up for those who can't and thosethat will never again be able to speak. Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion. I'll step down off my soap box, with my eyes open wider and my heart heavy for this child and all the others like him.If I got off track I can't help. As Thanksgiving approaches, let us be thankful for all we have and never forget how easily and quickly it can be taken from us. Blessings and Love to you all. Madlyn
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my prayers are with BABY P and also with his parents who are broken and need prayer also.
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