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Hi everyone I really need advise NOW! sorry but I'm really scared I'm trying to be strong but I really can't anymore, well I been in the medical field for a long time and for the last 14 years I knowen a DR. and I worked for him for several years then left to worked to another state and for several yrs, then one day I asked him for a job and he said sure so started working, by then I was already addicted to pain pills offcourse he didn't know. He really likes me because I really do a good job for him BUT what he didn't know is that someone was  calling in rx in my name and other ppls names in my family and they were picked up by someone with my license and also put in my insurance. I been back working for him again for over 3 yrs and no problem so far but a ex employee told the doctor that she knew something was going on to check it out, so ofcourse he came to me and ask me if it was me doing it I said no and that I could do a drug test right that minute to prove it, so I did but he also requested his list of all RX's he has written in the past 2 yrs and there were all there so many of them for large amounts I continiued to work there trhough out the hole thing and it's been horrible he finally talked to me on Thu. and asked me again if it was me or if I knew how it was and I told him I didn't do it and I didn't know he really wants to belive me but I don't know I told him that everything points at me and that if he went to the police that for sure I will be the first suspect. But he said he has to make a report with a police even thought he already change everything about his RX and how to authorizethem and stuff.
He really need me right now really cause I'm the only one that is running the clinic cause we don't have a nurse and I do everything nurse, manager and billing and much much more is beeing almost 2 weeks and I can't stand it cause I know that he will go to the police and I will be DONE for sure. And I'm still working in his office and trustes me and we work like nothing is happening but I know that at any min. the police will come to work or home.
What do I do? Please Help any advise? What will happend to me? I haven't use lortabs since 01/09, I'm on sub, and going to therapy and with the help of a pchycologist.
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I understood the whole thing. I don't mean to scare you,but you need to get an attorney before you talk with your doctor(boss). If you talk with your boss, you have admitted your guilt. An Attorney will be able to get you a better deal.  I know a lot of people think that honesty is the best policy, but it is not in this case. Be honest with the attorney. Everyone's road to recovery is different. You have made a good start. Good luck and bless you.
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Everything points the finger at me like I did it so lets just say I did, what is going to happend to me, I still work for the Doctor I really like him and his family and he does me and my family as well but all of this is happening and I did explain that I have a problem with pills but I havent used since 01/9 I'm in therapy and on sub, and xanax for anxiaty. So now is in the open there is a hole bunch of rx's in my name, my husbands name and my 19 yr old son who has a problem with some pills don't really know what he dosen't live with us anymore. But like I said if it goes to the police I will have no choice but to say I did it. Even if I didn't do it to save a love one (maybe)
Sorry I'm just so scare now I'm crying all the time I really don't know what to do cause I have to look at the DR all the time, and I want to open up but I really really I'M scared.
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so I am reading the posts and I would say I am confused but not really. Being a nurse who is an addict and have to shamefully admit my own part in calling rx and writing my own for a brief period in time once upon a time to also one of my very good friends who happen to be a Doc I worked with for years.........sounds way to familiar to me. Also the panic. Believe me ........they will know who did it. I was once so bold as to ask for the Rx back when the Pharmacist had caught me. lol funny now ......not then.

Anyway If it wasnt you then tell the truthe and get a lawyer. If it was you .......better to fess up ...work with the board and keep your license.

I am not trying to be rude either ...........just want you to know that there are solutions both ways.
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they will investigate...if u were not the one picking up the rx's..then that will come up as pharmacists etc will also be investigated//and a signature is required each time u pick up a med from the pharmacy...u didnt do this..so i would doubt u will be accused of it...have u been in trouble before with the law over drugs?  u r not guilty..stand by that...if u know who was using ur # to fill scrips...tell them who they r/even if they r family///they abused u...put u in a tough spot  u owe them nuttin...be honest..it always wins in the end
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whoa...I am really confused.  If you didn't do it, then don't worry about it.  If you deny this then they have ways to check into things.  Video of who picked up the prescriptions, but i do have to say that.....what are the chances of someone from your doctors office calling in and authorizing Narc's under your name, with your license, and insurance card, and knows the names of your family members, and you are the only office person?  Maybe someone you know?  Of course, so they will surely be caught.  That person is a sheer idiot! ....

So, if you didnt' do it, don't worry.  If you did......I would worry......and get an Attorney Quick!!!

I too struggled to understand your post.  It's obvious you are very upset....and i would be hunting down the person who did it.......

I wish you the best.
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Nurse if you don't mind me asking did you ever got cought? and as for me I'm not a RN so I got no licence to loose but my Doc is the one that find out cause he pulled a report from the pharmacy board, so now he wants to report to police. Do you think I'm wrong by working there still?
Worried, all the scripts were called in and the sign is just a scrible of my name in no pic id on the main pharmacy.
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