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I am really getting into reading lately, which I always loved, but then I had this addiction take over, and I was so numb and just going through the motions that I forgot about many things I loved.

I've read the first 4 Janet Evonovich books in the last few weeks.

What kind of books have you guys been reading or what do you like?
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Oops, it was "Another Roadside Attraction," solved Pans stench, "still
Life With Woodpecker" takes place inside a pack of Camel cigarettes
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I'm a non-fiction research addict. I just can't stop, I tried hobbies, meditation, but always end up studying something before I realize my addiction has me again. If you know a program to help me grasp fiction, please help me. With no suspension of disbelief, I just see the author dreaming in his chair of what to make up next, then I have to look into current book marketing and the history of fiction back to the Epic of Gilgamesh and Sumerian origins that lead to Abraham and the Torah. Oh yeah, the novel, "and she missed him with tenderness." It just ruins the mood. Do you know any books to help me stop ruining the mood of the story, preferably a true story?

I read "Zombies in Love," to my kid the other day. Very cute and funny

Tom Robins. "Still Life with Woodpecker," is pretty uplifting and solves the problem of masking the Greek God Pan's stench.

"Hunger Games" was our bedtime story for awhile, it was read outloud to me. Much better than the movie.
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I absolutely love to read, but haven't been doing much lately because I need new reading glasses. My vision has gone to sh!t! I love Janet Evonovich, James Pattesrson, most Stephen King, Dan Brown, and a ton of others that I can't think of right now. I also enjoy reading non fiction, especially historical stuff. I'm about 3 books behind in the Stephanie Plum series and desperately need to get caught up. I love those books!
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