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I have been a addict for 30 something years, I have now been clean 12 years, I go to Na meetings, it does not matter if your life was good or bad addiction can effect anyone,got tired of jails and Psych hospitals, working the 12 steps helped me to look at me and my issues and gave me a new way of coping  with life, I have some awesome friends to turn to when life hits me, im never alone anymore, I learned to ask for help from people who have been threw what I am going threw. My life is not great but alot better than when I was doing drugs.
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Hi & Welcome!

Good for you and your clean time. Good for you for working the steps. You won't find many members here that are part of a fellowship and/or work the steps.  Those of us who do suggest it to them but you know that shoving it down their throats never works. I always say "If you want what I have, ask me how I got it". I do the gentle approach when it comes to the fellowship but I do tough love when it comes to helping folks get clean.

I hope you stick around. You are a great example for the community.
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Ya I know, I could not have done it alone, so many people die in addiction.im not planning on going anywhere. I just hope I can help someone live, thank you
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