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So ya'll, I've decided to quit smoking this week... (cigarettes). I'm kinda scared to do it because of my other issues because it has kept me calm. Thing is, its a crutch and a dangerous one that isn't good for me. I don't want to depend on any chemical when I'm stressed, nervous, sad, etc. Nicotine WD's are hell but that isn't what has me so scared... Its the fact that I'm still actively addicted to something. Giving up narcotics was tough but my battle with that is JUST BEGINNING really.,. The emotional stuff... A lifetime of baggage that I must deal with now. Every day in my life is a struggle. Before I get out of bed I pray for wisdom, protection, and strength.... Dealing with feelings and crap that I've pushed back for so long is terribly difficult...these cigarettes are going to be tough to give up! I've been smoking since I was 14! Its a NASTY habit that I wish I had never started. Its also an expensive habit! Quitting just has to be done so my quit date is Friday. I will be switching to an E cigarette with water vapor or whatever. I just don't think another cold turkey right now is going to work for me! What says you?? Any opinions or advice on the subject?
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I quit smoking June 2012 after smoking for many years. Congrats on your decision to quit. I wouldn't necessarily call smoking a "crutch" since you were doing it while using. I would face it independently from your opioid use. Having said that...maybe waiting a tad bit longer to where you have some more clean time under your belt so its easier to handle. Just an idea...I waited until I had been clean for 2 years 4 months before I quit smoking. You dont want to overwhelm yourself....but if you can handle it...well, my hats off to you.
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I also need to quit, but I would lose my mind if I did right now. (Excuses, excuses!) I have never tried the E-cig, but have heard that it helps some. Then again, I've known people who started that and also smoked at the same time! I guess it's just a question of how bad do you want to quit? (Just the thought of the dinero spent on ciggies kills me!) I quit for almost a year with the patch. (Of course I started up again. Stupid!) I also ate a lot of hard candies and chewed a ton of gum. Cinnamon flavored gum and candies are supposed to help curb ciggie cravings. Seemed to help me. Good luck to ya chica!! You are a tougher gal than I right now for even thinking about quitting! (Be sure to let me know when you quit, so I can tiptoe around you! I know how quitting can bring on the psyco b*tch!!!)
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LMAO you are soooo right!
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Congrats on deciding to quit!! That is awesome! I was a social smoker in college and when I met my husband I quit (since he wasn't a smoker and hated cigarattes). It wasn't easy but you can do it if you really want to!! I'm so proud of you and I have no doubt that you'll be able to kick this habit next! Be sure to reward yourself. For my 30 days clean from pain pills I went out and bought myself these hot pink heels that I've been eyeing forever! It felt so good to reward myself (and boy those heels were a lot cheaper than the money I threw away on pills) :p.
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I have been thinking about that ABN. I certainly don't want anything setting me back and I've been asking myself if maybe its to soon to take on yet another challenge. Lol. Not to make excuses but you know what I mean..
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