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Saying hi !!!

Hey everyone just popping in to say hi and check on everyone .I am glad to see friendly faces . Everything here is still GREAT.Still clean ... I am on my way home for most of the summer to chill out in a cottage on the water .I also have to be there my dad has cancer and will be having sugary .I want to be able to be there for both my mom and dad .He is doing very well see was not going to have surgery and let the cancer take its course but thank the lord he changed his mind there.
There has been alot going on but it has just been helping to push me forward in a positive way ... I hope everyone is doing great keep taking it day by day they add up another September will be come soon and I plan I making it there clean .
good luck all.
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Hey there! Glad to hear your dad decided for the surgery. That's wonderful! I'll keep you all in my prayers.

I'm happy that everything is going great for you. Enjoy your summer!

Nice to hear from you.

Keep in touch.

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Thanks for checkin' in.  Glad to hear your Dad is gonna try the surgery.  I hope all goes well.  A cottage on a lake sounds great.  Enjoy!!!!!
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Brian and Punkin  Thank you .... yes I am very glad he decided to do the surgery as well.I think things will go well and of there are any problems we will me there to help my mom .I will be 15 mins away on the bay but can scoot over  when ever needed .
It has given me some down time before classes in the fall start .Life is defentantly what you choose to make of it  ....
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You sound so great!!    I'm happy for you and very glad your Dad decided to go with the treatment!!

A cottage by the lake...sounds like a movie!!  Good for you!!!  

How are the kids??

xoxo  Miss you...
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Good to hear from you Avis! All is well on the southern front down here in Houston. Glad to hear your Dad is taking the steps to get better, I'll keep him in my prayers for sure. My grandpa is in his early 70's and had surgery to remove cancer off of his kidney about 6 months ago.. at first he was hesitant but he ended up getting it done. The first couple of months were hard on him but he is doing better than ever, says he feels better than he did 5 years ago. Modern medicine and the power of prayer is a great combination!

I've been really busy at work, if you have ever been or know anyone who has been in the restaurant industry, then you know how busy the life of a manager is lol. But I've been keeping up with my program really well and life is good. So good to hear from you!
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Viki,hey it not near as glamorous as its sounds LOL but it quite I love water it bring be back into a time i was more independent .School classes start in the fall so it the calm before the storm .Plus I will be inventorying antiques while I am there and sell some off.how have how been anything new and exciting .Plus the healing time for my dad is going to be 6 weeks so i need to be there for my mom.

I am so glad he decided to do it as well kidney tumors are tricky I had a GF in her mid 30 have on removed a few months ago she in did fit the "profile" at all .lucky she is doing well.I am glad to here your grandad is doing well kidney tumor can be rough .

I am happy too hear you are both keeping to your program .That reminds me I have to figure out something while I am glad .Keep in touch xxxxxoooo
to all of you and I miss you all as well.  

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