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Hi guys I'm a 25 year old male and I recreational take cocaine. I've been doing so for about 7 years . When I do take it I only do about a gram or so. I probably say I do so once a month or at events party's etc. I so won't to stop but I can't help myself. I can't tell my wive I feel as she would hit the roof... About a month ago I shined a flashlight up my nose and my septum does not have holes in but I can see and feel one or two grooves/ divots in it ! Is this normal? And will it heal on its own ? And will it get worse ?   I know cocaine hurts my heart more than anything but my nose is scaring me. I feel so down I have no one to turn to . Please help guys
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I abuse coke for at least the last ten years of my life I got out of control destroying everything I had going in life if you wanna know how I quit its easy I stopped doing it like alcohol don't think about it don't go to the store don't take it home don't open it don't tilt it in to your mouth simple right?
8 sep 11
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