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Silence is golden, it heals nothing...The Walk

Let's take a walk down memory lane,
it won't take long, it's only one way.
I remember the day after we met,
you went to work while i slept,
Three months went by,
it was pure bliss,
I even remember our first kiss.

I told you I loved you,
you said the same.
Now that it's over,
who takes the blame?

I know what I feel is true to my heart,
I question you now, that we've part.
Why was it great for such a short time?
Was i blinded and missed a big sign?

I remember the love that we made,
the way that you called out my name.
The sounds you made when I licked your ear,
the way you jumped when i tasted your skin,
the way your breath caught just before I began.

I miss your touch, I miss your smile,
I miss all the things that made us worth while.
I miss your voice and your "I love you's".
I miss waking up and smiling at you,
I miss your arms, how they held me tight,
How many times did you say it felt right?

Then out of no where came your despair,
without comforting words, my soul is bare.
I've no feeling all is numb,
I certainly feel righteously dumb.

I tried to find out,
but you wouldnt talk.
Instead you decided to walk.
I had no say in what affected me too,
I ask myself why, I haven't a clue.
There was no choice for me, it was all you.

Given the chance, I would have been there,
for whatever there was for us to bare.
You are not alone, I told you that,
yet here we are on two separate paths.

I'm a total wreck, I don't think you care,
I wrote to you and you wont respond.
I guess, you're moving on.
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Now I get it..so sorry, beautifully written..
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I read this and took my own little trip down memory lane.......thank you!!!!  I thought it was really good!!!             sara
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If you have read some of my other poems you will see that they were written in addiction..i wrote this one clean and sober..its about the last relationship i had. it lasted 3 months and it starts at the beginning and goes in chronological order...from beginning to the end....I write from my feelings..this is the last one i've written...the others are from the beginning of the breakup....this was a walk down memory lane to him...as were the others.....

so, they have absolutely nothing to do with addiction, i just wanted to share and get some feedback from yall...

theeagle....you said to post them and so i did...thanks for being my friend in more ways than one....

i would rather write then go back to using...i have as of this date...171 days clean...sorry if i confused you.

thanks for reading...i am in active recovery and writing helps...no matter how twisted they are..

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Carr, it seems you are on both ends of the spectrum. Your poem holds out hope at one end and gives up hope in another. Do these poems reflect someone else or are you mirror imaging yourself in poetry? One of your poems deals with abandonment and a lost love while another speaks of a chance to come. We all have ways of dealing with rejection and lost hope. Some swing at the walls, some hide from the world, some write poems, some cry, some swear, some do unlikely acts and some actually thank God. All in all we all react in different ways depending on the circumstance and how strong or weak we are when it happens. What we here do not understand is where are you going with this and who does it encompass? Are you pleading for support? If so we are here for you. We can do no more than sympathize with you and give you perhaps, moral or spiritual support, depending on who we are. It would be nice if you would give us some inclination as to what you are trying to tell us. Is it personal or not?
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I hope that one is very historical. If it is about new things....I am sorry for you - you were so pumped up just a short time ago. And you can get pumped up once again. But usually there is a grieving process to follow. And it makes it harder when you dont feel that you have resolution or answers. Best of the day to you!!
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WHo is this too? I don't get it ?
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