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Something Old, Something New Thread

This morning I was hopping about on you tube and I found something I haven't seen since i was a kid;

Victor Borge. A classical pianist who's entire comedy act is centered around playing classical music. Good memories. Funny!

Then I looked about and came across Enrico Pace playing Liszt's "Totentaz". Which I swear i'd never heard before. I'd also swear that the opening music from "The Shining" is based on the first movement, if it isn't it note for note.

It was a good listen.

There you have it; something old, something new.

Anyone else got an "old/new" for the day?
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I love Iron Chef......seems like everyone wants a piece of Bobby.  I just found out that Kat is GAY  oh, my........I kinda like the new Iron Chef, can't remember his name, but his really cute laugh makes him kinda HOT.....lol...sizzle, sizzle.....

Something Old.....My bones

Something New....... uh, .....i colored my hair today?

Something Borrowed......Uh....well, I accidentally stole the clerks pen at Macy's today...?.....thats not stealing!

Something Blue.......The guy at the Smoke Shop I go to where I get My real Cuban's from......He won't stop hitting on me.......I assume something has to be getting blue???.lol
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Old and new....I just saw an ad on TV for a new movie.."Julie and Julia" I think. The plot revolves around a woman cooking her way through Julia Childs' cookbook. Reminded me of seeing her on PBS as a child. It was cool seeing her and The Galloping Gourmet "Graham Kerr" cooking and screwing up. Kind of reminds me of a local woman in Georgia named Nathalie Dupree who used to screw up occasionally, too. Nobody on the Food Channel ever screws up (except for that guy on Iron Chef who made fish ice cream). Anyways..I'll shut up now...I'm rambling :)
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Heh heh, yes, he was great fun. I found quite a few clips of his afterwards.

Debsally... jeez, that is depressing. If it helps, I will ship you my most obnoxious cat. He would certainly take your mind off of things like that. A few days of cat proofing your kitchen could do wonders for your mood.

Although, I'm not sure if "highly irritated" is an upgrade or downgrade from depression.
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Sorry that you have the things that can get quite depressing at times to think about - - - - Now Victor Borge had talent and he had presentation - - he was a magnificent performer and entertainer.....could always put a smile on my face....
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Yes but it is a little depressing...

My girl here at work was just telling me of a woman who was murdered by her husband the other day on a cruise ship.  Stabbed her to death I guess...that is the new...

The old...my very good friend, Diane Ruiz, was murdered by her husband in front of their 5 year old daughter 6 years ago on the same day.  He was caught and convicted and got life in prison.  I still miss her though and it makes me so sad that she had to die that way.  I pray for her daughter too, that somehow she will be able to have a good life even though she had to see that.  

Sorry, I said it was depressing.  It always affects me for a few days. Thanks for letting me share.



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